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Zamboanga City

Posted by on Nov 26th, 2009
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zamboanga map
Zamboanga City

Asia’s Latin city. Zamboanga city’s moniker is a tribute to its very Hispanic past. From its airport to its language, one can find a tinge of the Philippines’ unique past.

Seven hundred kilometers away from Manila, Zamboanga city sits on the southernmost part of the Zamboanga peninsula. It is so far away that my friends from Manila would always comment that it’s like going to a different country already. In fact Zamboanga city is closer to Malaysia and Indonesia than it is to Manila. The distance however should not discourage would-be travelers to Zamboanga city. The long flight or ferry ride is definitely worth every penny once you get to Zamboanga Hermosa.

To the older generations, Zamboanga city brings into mind the tree house in Pasonanca park (a natural park dubbed as the little Baguio of Zamboanga city because of its altitude and varying flora), the pink sand beach of Santa Cruz Island (one of only a few in the world), the sumptuous yet very affordable sea foods, Chabacano (which is the only Spanish Creole in Asia) and the mestizas. To the young ones though, Zamboanga city only brings terrorism into mind.

But while the mestizas are now only a part of the Alta Sociedad (since most of them have already migrated to different parts of the country and the world) and the Pasonanca Park is not as quaint and romantic as it used to be, Zamboanga city definitely still has a lot to offer. Named as Asia’s Latin city, one can definitely find traces of our colonial history in this city. From its airport, cuisine, edifices, customs, to its language, the extranjero would definitely feel as if he has traveled to the past.

The gateway to Asia’s Latin city is the Zamboanga international airport. This structure, although built for its obvious purpose has become a favorite among architecture enthusiasts. The unique design that the airport employs gives you a window to this city’s Islamic heritage.

Philippines Zamboanga city ZAM, designed by a muslim architect

ZAM, designed by a muslim architect
Photo by christinaestrada

In the city center, one can find more architectural wonders. The city center is reachable by a tricycle or a jeepney (NO TAXIS). A tricycle ride would cost anywhere from 30 pesos to 50 pesos depending where you came from. A good thing to remember is that all jeepneys in Zamboanga city go to the city center and fare costs anywhere from 7 pesos to 10 pesos. The Zamboanga city hall is the heart of the city center. Zamboanga’s city hall is unlike any ordinary city hall. It is an edifice constructed by the Americans during the early 1900s. The building’s turn of the century architecture is one that is generally favored by the American colonial governments for its tropical colonies. Just besides the city hall is the Plaza Pershing which has a hanging garden on its entrance. It is one of the earliest structures made of cement in Mindanao. The stretch of pavement from the city hall going to the Fort Pilar shrine is dotted with old houses and government offices resembling Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Founded in 1635, the Fort Pilar shrine was a Spanish garrison. Inside its walls is a museum which houses numerous paintings, ethnic costumes, marine life exhibits, indigenous tribes’ memorabilia, and some artifacts from a sunken galleon.

Philippines Zamboanga city Inside the walls of the Fort Pilar

Inside the walls of the Fort Pilar
Photo by lutykuh

Philippines Zamboanga city Archaic lamp posts and edifices along the stretch of road from the city hall going to the Fort Pilar shrine

Archaic lamp posts and edifices along the stretch of road from the city hall going to the Fort Pilar shrine
Photo by Jerome Herrera

Philippines Zamboanga city unique city hall

The unique city hall of Zamboanga city, adorned by thousands of lights during the Christmas season
Photo by lutykuh

Just a stone’s throw away from the shrine is the newly opened Paseo del Mar. The Paseo Del Mar resembles the bay walk along Manila bay offering locals a respite from the demands of everyday life. This spot is frequented by Zamboangueños at night because the sun can be a bit harsh in the mornings. I would suggest that you visit the Paseo del Mar on mid afternoons so that you can appreciate the vistas of nearby islands such as Basilan and Santa Cruz. Not to be missed as well is the famous Zamboanga sunset which can rival that of Manila Bay’s. As the park is still a bit new (it was opened during the third quarter of 2009), it may get crowded especially during weekends.

Philippines Zamboanga city Sunset

The famous Zamboanga sunset
Photo by Jerome Herrera

Still in the city center is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (referred to as ‘the cathedral’ by locals). Outside, the occasional tourist would think that it is a hotel or a mall because of its size and architecture. This common misconception arises from the fact that this cathedral is one of the most modern in Mindanao. The cathedral was built in a form of a crucifix and its façade was shaped after a candle.

Philippines Zamboanga city cathedral

A full view of the cathedral
Photo by Jerome Herrera

After all that sightseeing you might want to head to Pasonanca Park. Adorned with trees, flowers, shrubs, orchids, ferns, and a river, this park is truly unique. In the middle of it all is a tree house which was so famous in the 60s and 70s that when you mention the word tree house, Zamboanga city comes into mind immediately. Today though the quaint and cosy feel that the park used to have is gone. The small park has now been transformed to a huge park complex with three natural swimming pools (its water comes from the mountains), a flower garden, an aviary, and a butterfly farm. The surrounding area is known for its great dining and entertainment. The park, even transformed into something very modern and contemporary is still worth checking out though. Allot a full day in Pasonanca Park as it is a huge place. You might also want to pack food because there are not a lot of food stalls inside. The park is around 5 kilometres from the city proper. Tricycle fare would generally cost around 30 to 40 pesos and a jeepney ride would generally be at 7 pesos.

Philippines Zamboanga city The cozy tree house in the Pasonanca Park

The cozy tree house in the Pasonanca Park
Photo by Jerome Herrera

Twenty five minutes away from the city center is the virgin Santa Cruz Islands, probably the biggest chance of Zamboanga city to tap into the mainstream tourism industry. Developing it however has been costly and a logistical nightmare as it is off the Zamboanga peninsula. The greater Santa Cruz Island boats of a pink sand beach and a sand bar. Yes you heard it right, pink sand. While the smaller Santa Cruz Island is a white sand beach which is a great diving spot. Do not expect hotels, restaurants, and resorts in this place though, the islands are practically deserted. The only way to get there is by using a boat which would cost 100 pesos (round trip). Pick up and drop off point is the Lantaka hotel.

There are numerous beach resorts located in mainland Zamboanga city though as the city‘s borders are virtually shorelines. I however would not recommend them because most are rocky and too commercial.

Philippines A typical rocky beach on mainland Zamboanga city

A typical rocky beach on mainland Zamboanga city
Photo by lutykuh3rd

Philippines Zamboanga city RT Lim Boulevard

The RT Lim Boulevard, which is a major thoroughfare as well as a beach
Photo by lutykuh3rd

There is a place in Zamboanga called ‘barter’ because there used to be a lot of barter activity in this area. The system was started by the great Ferdinand Marcos in a bid to appease the Moro rebels. Tax free products were exchanged between Malaysia and the Philippines. In the past, one can find Malaysian made products such as tea, coffee, candies, and malongs at rock bottom prices at the barter. Over time though (as Marcos was ousted), the barter system was ended. Today though, one can still find tax free Malaysian and Indonesian made products at cheap prices. Apparently, the second generation traders still continued the practice of selling products from Malaysia albeit no Philippine made products are ever sold in Malaysia as would have been the case in a barter system. As this place has been a frequent stop among tourists, you can also buy Zamboanga t-shirts and pearls from the barter. Don’t forget that this place is like a tiangge, so remember to haggle, haggle, and haggle!

Another great place to shop is the Yakan weaving center. This village is the home of the Yakan people; an ethnic tribe with special skills in weaving intricately designed traditional cloths on looms. These cloths are usually made into coasters, table covers, wall displays, bags, and purses. The yakan weaving center is about seven kilometers away from the city center and can usually be reached using a tricycle (40 pesos from the city center) or a jeepney (10 pesos from the city center).Note that these cloths are hand-woven, so they are a bit pricey.

Philippines Zamboanga city An old Yakan woman displaying her wares

An old Yakan woman displaying her wares
Photo by shawi

Why Not Go

If you are an outdoor person, you might not enjoy Zamboanga city that much. We don’t offer spelunking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. If you are friends traveling, you might find the city a bit boring. The things that Zamboanga can offer (such as shopping, dining, and sightseeing) are more apt for a family traveling.

Regarding peace and order, the city is relatively safe and is not as unsafe as the media portrays it to be. To be totally safe though, I recommend that you stay within the city center. The downtown area is pretty well guarded not only by the police but by the military. So don’t panic when you see military men carrying big guns in the city streets, it’s not a coup d’état.

Just be sure to exercise proper caution as you would when traveling to a foreign city and you should be fine.

Why Go

For history buffs who want to relive the Philippines’ past, Zamboanga city is paradise. Not only would you get to see Hispanic manifestations in the architecture, but you get to experience it through its unique language, Chabacano. Extranjeros would often comment that hearing natives speak Chabacano makes them feel like they are in Mexico. From the time you get off the plane, stroll in its many parks and plazas, visit its churches, wander along the city streets, and talk to the locals, you would agree that it is truly Asia’s Latin city.

Best Time to Visit

Unlike most of the Philippines which is typhoon prone, the Zamboanga peninsula is typhoon free. Weather should not be factor when planning your trip to this place. The best time to go is during the Zamboanga Hermosa festival. This is the time of year when Zamboanga city is very vibrant and colorful. The festival features pageants, parades, street dances, concerts, a boodle fight (highlighting the city’s brand as the sardines capital of the Philippines), a Chabacano song festival, a regatta (wherein Zamboanga’s traditional outrigger called the Vinta are raced by locals), trade fairs (featuring traveling merchants from different cities in the country) and other fun activities. Just remember that public places are very crowded during the festival because people with relatives in Zamboanga city often choose to reunite with their relatives during this time. The Zamboanga Hermosa festival generally runs from October 1 to Oct 12. It culminates in a solemn activity called the Fiesta Pilar wherein Zamboangueños visit the Fort Pilar shrine to pray.

Where to Stay

Philippines Hotels and Resorts

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There are numerous hotels within the city center. One of the best that I always recommend is the Lantaka by the sea hotel. Aside from enjoying rooms with a majestic view of the ocean, you also get to be within walking distance from the fort pilar shrine, the city hall, and the main downtown area. This vintage hotel offers great facilities such as an al fresco restaurant and a large swimming pool set amidst coconut trees; both overlooking the waters between Zamboanga city and Basilan.

Less than a kilometer away from the airport is the Garden Orchid hotel. This airport hotel is perfect for businessmen. Equipped with a swimming pool, a restaurant, a garden, a lobby bar with live entertainment, and spa services onsite, it offers first rate services at very affordable prices.

Where & What to Eat

Zamboanga city is a seafood haven. One of the best restaurants in the city, serving the best food in town is the Alavar’s Seafood House. Alavar’s is best known for its very delicious bagoong and Curacha (a type of crustacean that can be found in Zamboanga’s waters. This place can be a bit pricey though and service is a bit slow. While the food is definitely worth the price, there are other restaurants which offer great tasting seafood as well at lower prices. Mano Mano Na Greenfield Restaurant is another great place to dine in. Mano mano means that you use your hands for something, in this case eating. This restaurant is usually packed with locals at any time of the day, and any day of the week. The main reason for this is that this restaurant offers good food at very affordable prices, not to mention good service. Their menu consists of sea foods and mainstream Filipino dishes. The main structure is like an open veranda which allows cool breeze to enter the restaurant. The building is made from bamboo and the roof from nipa which gives it a very traditional atmosphere. Food is served in trays made from bamboo covered in banana leafs.

Hai San Seafood Market and Restaurant is also a good dining option. This is a Chinese restaurant that offers seafood cooked using Chinese recipes. What makes this restaurant unique is the chance for diners to choose from freshly caught fishes. The chefs would then cook it for you. Hai San’s specialties include Curacha cooked in garlic sauce, latu salad (a type of seaweed), lapu lapu, and lobsters.

Now if you want to dine by the sea, I would recommend the outdoor restaurant in the La Vista del Mar beach resort. This restaurant offers dining along the ocean with gentle breeze blowing by.

As Zamboanga city is home to a significant number of Muslims, you can also find cuisine here that was created by Muslim tribes such as the Tausugs. One very famous Tausug dish is the Satti. Satti is actually coagulated rice immersed in a reddish sweet and spicy sauce. You eat it either with grilled chicken or Isaw (intestine).

Alavar’s seafood house is located in the village of Tetuan. Mano Mano Na Greenfield Restaurant meanwhile is in the village of Santa Maria. If you wish to visit the outdoor restaurant at the La Vista Del Mar beach resort, you would need to travel 6 kilometers away from the city center. It is located along the west coast highway. The Hai San restaurant can be found on Ledesma Street (near the city center). These are short stretches of road and relatively small villages and finding these places would not be difficult at all. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting lost as all tricycle drivers would know where these places are by heart.

Now, if you want to taste the Satti as well, just go to the city center and you’ll definitely find a small eatery offering this dish.

Making reservations, though prudent is not necessary. If you wish to contact these restaurants however, your front desk or hotel concierge would definitely have their phone numbers.

My to do List

1. Stroll along the city streets, specifically from the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception to the city hall and finally to the Fort Pilar shrine
2. Wade through the crystal clear waters and lie on the pink sand beach of Santa Cruz island
3. Buy some cheap pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets
4. Eat great seafood at rock bottom prices
5. Spend a full day at the Pasonanca Park
6. Eat spicy Satti in the morning
7. Buy some imported chocolates from Malaysia and other items at the barter
8. Watch the Yakan people weave using giant looms at the Yakan weaving village and bring home the finish product
9. Try to speak Chabacano with a local
10. Watch the stunning sunset at the Paseo del Mar

Getting There

My preferred mode of transportation to Zamboanga city has always been by a ferry. Just the ferry ride itself can be considered a vacation already. It would be like going on a two day cruise if you’re from Luzon and a one day cruise if you’re from Visayas. What I enjoy most about ferry rides is the chance to see all of the Philippines from a good vantage point. If you ride a super ferry, the ship makes a stopover in metro Cebu which gives you a chance to appreciate the beautiful skyscrapers dotted in front of its mountains and if you ride a Negros navigation, you get to see Bacolod’s and Iloilo’s historic ports. A trip from Luzon to Zamboanga city would usually cost around 1000-1500 pesos and from Visayas to Zamboanga city 500 – 800 pesos. Now if you prefer a quicker ride, take the plane. It shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half. Be prepared to pay around 2500 – 3500 for a plane ticket (from Luzon) though. Both Super ferry and Negros Navigation has voyages to Zamboanga city twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday for Super ferry and Thursday and Sunday for Negros Navigation) while Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offers morning and afternoon flights to Zamboanga city daily.

Be aware that the seaport is not that organized in Zamboanga city. If you need help with your luggage, approach only those porters with an ID. From the airport or seaport, take the tricycle (again NO TAXIS). A tricycle can fit in approximately four people. Remember to agree on a fare before getting in. Some drivers overcharge simply because you came from the airport or the seaport.

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Jerome Herrera was born and has lived in Zamboanga city, Asia’s latin city for twenty years. Having lived in that part of the country for most of his life, he has extensive knowledge on that region. Over time, he hopes to see Zamboanga city regain its former glory as the tourist destination of the Philippines through its new branding as Asia’s Latin City. Read more [+]

Tourism Philippines thrives on the knowledge of the community. Got a tip, photo or even a guide on a place you been to in Philippines? We will love to hear from you!

26 Responses to “Zamboanga City”

  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like an interesting place! I checked some other sites on Zamboanga City after reading this post, and there’s the Santa Cruz islands there about too, looks like a very nice day trip destination from Zamboanga City.

    Will bookmark the site! Nice introduction to the place Jerome.

  2. greg miller says:

    Hi Jerome, Nice article on your city. Very informative.Curious though, how would a american do with no knowledge of the local language…or how hard is it to find english speaking locals?

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Greg most people in Zamboanga speak English. You shouldn’t have any problems communicating with anyone.

  4. Jerome Herrera says:

    Yes. Indeed most locals do speak English. Most of them are actually more conversant in English than in Tagalog/Filipino. So you shouldn’t have any problems Greg.

  5. Ted Fuller says:

    Jerome do you have any info on the new international airport to be built in the mercedes barangay. Specifically when it will begin construction and when it will be operational.

    Thank you
    Ted Fuller

  6. Jerome Herrera says:

    Hi Ted. The airport has been a plan (and a rumour) for years now. As to when construction would commence (or if it would even commence), I would not have an idea.

  7. Dea says:

    Hi Jerome,

    Nice comments and info about our Zamboanga City.

    There is a new tourist spot in Zamboanga which opened July 2009 – the Paseo del Mar. It is only beside the Lantaka Hotel by the sea and it is an exact replica of the former Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard in Manila. It has 10 restaurants that offers different types of food for different types of people.

    You can try the unique and famous chicken barbecue in BarCode Grill and Bar at the Paseo del Mar. You can also try their other food, especially the sisig, in chicken, beef, squid and shrimp variants. Dining and drinking there is always enjoyable since it is the only restaurant there that has a live band to serenade you while eating with the sea breeze freshly blowing. It opens 5pm and closes at 2am.

    There are other restaurants there like the Alavar Seafood House, Palmeras, Twins BBQ, and a coffeeshop with WIFI – The Cafe del Sol, and stalls with takeout foods to nibble like fishballs, nuts, and icecream in cones.

  8. jenifer buenaventura says:

    …hi jerome when i see the pictures in zamboanga city i want to go back there because i miss all the thinfs in the zamboanga city…What a nice picture i hope may idadagdag ka pa jan,,,,…tnx

  9. miles says:

    hi bro, i have been in zamboanga…di ko na matandaan kung kailan..basta kainitan ng giyera between militar and abu sayaff… nirerescue nila ang nakidnap na Italian priest..di kami pinayagan to go outside the city..lalo na sa sta. cruz island ..kailangan pa daw may escort na militar..pero sino at saan naman kami kukuha..ang lahat ay halos nasa basilan island na..anyway we enjoyed the city itself… and be able to attend mass in their famous cathedral..we stayed in the famous Lantaka hotel…staff are very friendly and accommodating…from there tanaw ang basilan island and the sta cruz island…and food naman is very tasty, I bought some pair of pearl there..sana magkaroon pa ako ng chance makabalik sa Zamboanga.

  10. aifha luna says:

    Buenas dias!!!ketal ya alyi na zamboanga!!! nkakamis n ang zamboanga city…d n ako nakauwi for 5 years I’ve been missing the jimmy’s satti at pastil :( I’m planning to go home by next year:) any new beach resort der??(Ung pinaka da best) I can’t wait na!!! O.o

  11. jeanalyn nieva says:

    they should also try the satti…tan miss ya yo bolbe ali….sais mes pa lang yo na manila pero tan miss ya yo….

    the people are friendly and helpful…communication will not be a problem…..we can converse in tagalog,english, bisaya and tausug…

    recommended food to try

    satti (my personal favorite)
    seafoods(we always have fresh stocks of that)

  12. denden says:

    HI, I am from Pasonanca, Zamboanga City.

    we have too much tourist spot now that can capture the attention of the visitors, and its surprise me so much, since i left my place the jardin at pasonanca park is under construction,but it quite surprise me a lot when i got home the pasonanca is too much different from before its well developed, and too much places now that you can go and spend your time to unwind,not only in pasonanca but in some other places of zamboanga, i am proud to be a zamboanguena, the foods are fresh and cheaper, thats why some of the visitors / tourist they will never forget our place, the people there are hospitable too much and too respectful.
    Ta pidi u mucho’s gracias con el La Virgen dEL Pilar por nuay descanso ta aparese y ta dale paz y el tranquilidad na di aton lugar na maskin cosa trahedia ta pasa, continuando lang siempre le ta guia con el aton lugar, y el mga jente nde ta pruba el ambre como el otro lugar..Muchichimas Gracias

  13. Magnus says:

    Actually if you want to go to Santa Cruz you can also talk with the people at
    Zamboanga Golf & Contry club, they should be able to fix a boat to the Island, maybe only for 6-8 people. I dont know if you have to make an apointment or something..
    About scuba diving its also possible to arrange (also from the Golf resort). If you feel unsafe going to Santa Cruz (cause its on the way to Basilan) you can ask for free security with you (civil dressed) what I understand its good if you bring some food for them just to show appreciation. Since they are not used to tourist from Europe/USA etc you should expect lots of children running around you and screaming, but from I heard they are very friendly. There are even some plans to start a fishing camp near on beach (Golf) its got the green light from the tourism department but it looks its on ice for now..maybe financial problems? I also recommend the golf resort itself with its great staff, second oldest golf lane (1912?) if I’m not mistaken (the oldest is from 1911). Btw the reson they dont do any marketing about the pink sand at Santa Cruz its cause its got pink by dynamite fishing that damage the coral and when the coral got flushed up on the beach its turned the sand abit pink. The goverment solved this problem by education the fishermen to grow some sort of seaweed, but since seaweed farming is seasonal the also fixed other jobs for them, what I understand is that the fishermen’s income increased so there was no reason for dynamite fishing anymore.

    / Magnus from Sweden

  14. Pam says:

    Hi! I’ve been meaning for quite some time to go and explore Zamboanga City. But I have a bugging question… is it safe for a single woman traveler to explore the city? Salamat!

  15. Magnus says:

    Yes it’s safe. You can contact the tourism department for advices and even get escort.
    Enjoy your stay there.


  16. TinkerTon says:

    Hello Jerome,

    I agree Zamboanga City is one of the nicest place in the Philippines. If you go to Santa Cruz beach you need not miss what boracay has been offering to the tourist. But I just observed, I have been assigned in mindanao area with related to my work (I also grew up half of my life in Zamboanga) I studied in Ateneo from grade 2 to second yr HS. Zamboanga Bus Terminal in Zamboanga City have been left out compares to nearby province. Zamboanga Terminal are not cemented and everytime it rains it fulls of muds. Do the local government of Zamboanga City has plan on putting up a nicer bus terminal? Municipality of Ipil Sibugay and Diplahan has a new and comfortable bus terminals now.



  17. pamela joy says:

    Hello to everyone! I really appreciated this website because it was very informative and simple although I wish there were more pictures to prove the beauty of Zamboanga. Even though I don’t have any chavacano blood, I was born and raised in Zamboanga and I can assure everyone that it’s a safe place to travel where the lifestyle is relaxed and simple. Thanks to jerome for writing this article and letting people remember how nice and unique Zamboanga City is.

  18. Ron San Juan says:


    Mabuhay! your website is an inspiration to all the zamboangenos and Basilenos. There is a need to promote tourism in our area. Like you I was raised in Lamitan, Basilan Island and I remember my family used to visit my Aunt in Zamboanga during fiesta Pilar festival, this was from the late 50’s thru the 60’s, Zamboanga was beautiful and not very crowded then. You could go around the city safely unlike this days. With your support website, I am optimistic your city can regain the glory days as Asia’s Latin city. Keep up the good work and Mabuhay!!

  19. Tey says:

    Wish there is a taxi service…tricycle is not very convenient for tourists…be aware that it also makes the city dirty and polluted.
    Zamboanga needs to clean up, it used to be known as Asia’s city of flowers, and Pasonanca was the place full of greenery and plants…I love this city. Please note I am not putting it down just want it to be better, like it used to be.

  20. Jay says:

    Sadly the Abu Sayyaf don’t realize they are hurting their own people and themselves by their actions rather than helping them, but they are doing a great job of keeping the beaches pristine because tourists can’t access them without fear of kidnapping! Zamboanga and Sulu are the most exciting places in the Philippines to me–I just spend a beautiful five days in Zamboanga City and even made it over to Isabela City, Basilan, which was a very stressful experience!

  21. Jen says:

    Thanks for all these info Jerome, good job!

    I will be visiting zamboanga soon and this is just the info that i need.

    Would you know any other places I could stay that is cheaper that those that you have recommended? I am travelling with mu husband and 7 year old son and we are hoping that this trip will be a nice experience on a budget :)

    Thanks again ^^

  22. miles says:

    Hello again bro..Last September 2011, I had finally fulfilled my dream to go back in Zamboanga City.. After checking in Lantaka Hotel we went forward to the Office of Tourism to ask permit to go to Sta Cruz Island…They gave us one of their policeman to be our escort for security reason… Sta Cruz Island is really a amazing few locals lives there to protect the island and the visitors coming as well…
    I had chance to go to the Taluksangay Village.. and visit the oldest mosque in Zamboanga according to the locals it was been 3 times renovated… I also tried to taste the Sati their famous breakfast meal…My second visit in Zamboanga was really great…

  23. rei says:

    Hi…Im a zamboangueno..everything is safe and peaceful around the city. there is no more to worry about. I just wanted to request, if possible make zamboanga more attactive and vibrant as it is..make it like SPAIN…

  24. Frank says:

    zamboanga city is my second home since i have stepped my foot in this latin city of the Philippines. My best friend took me here and stayed in their place. what i love about this city is that life is very simple…people were so loving and appreciative…food ohh so good fresh and yummy…satti…fresh fish…curacha o my fruits…mangoosteen and marang the best….if given the oppurtunity…i will surely return because my heart says so…

  25. marissa says:

    I think there is a LOT missing in the information. A person used to travelling or with traveling interest and adventurous can find a lot from travelling in Zamboanga city. I am from there but based in Manila and travels around the Philippines but I think Jerome you comments has a lot Missing and Zamboanga is not a boring place to tour. I do hope your boredom has influenced your review of the city. I think you expect Zamboanga to be a place like Boracay or other places with developed tourism which makes them too COmmercial. That is whats wrong with many places that copies and duplicates other places. Zamboanga has a lot to offer. I am from there but I never got bored travelling around each time i visit every year and still many places I have not visited due to lack of time. Explore nature..havent been to the falls yet…There are places you havent discovered yet. SOme of my friends in Manila even tell me of places they want to go which I havent myself…Zamboanga is NOT boring…i dont think you should make reviews of a place without sufficient research and exploration. You have to be open and not subject yourself to the “boring” stereo types features of a place. You have to open your eyes with what is to be discovered in a place. It is sad that most interesting things to do in many destinations are discovered by foreigners like “surfing” in Surigao…Boracay in the past…look beyond than the stereo types in a place..maybe stop comparing .

  26. Jerome Herrera says:

    Hi Marissa. I apologize if you find my comment on Zamboanga city being boring for groups offensive. In my defense, eco tourism in the city was developed or introduced fairly recently and this post was written in 2009. But thanks for your comments!

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