Travel Resources

Here’s a list of online resources that I usually use for my own trips.

Hotels Online Booking

agodaFor Asia hotels, Agoda is definitely the most competitive. You can easily check out the prices offered on Agoda to many others, and Agoda will win by hands down. They even have reward system for frequent customers – plus point! The rates quoted can be even much cheaper than walk-in rates.

Hostels Online Booking

Travel Insurance

You can always extend your policy while you are away.

No matter where you read, there are only good things written about World Nomad. Altho’ they can be a little pricer compared to others, but you can rest assured that they are good for it. I’ve used them a couple of times, although i have yet to make a claim, i consider their online service probably the best. Basically, you can buy online, make a claim online and even extend your policy online!

Some great features that I really liked are:
• Buy online while away from home
• Available to people from over 150 countries
• Designed for student and gap year travellers
• Patented online claims and extensions
• Covers overseas medical, evacuation and baggage
• Covers adventure activities

By the way, just before you start telling me that other companies are offering it cheaper. Heh, cheaper doesn’t means better, especially when it comes to making claims!

Editor addon

PKTan: is a non-commercial site, we are not out to sell you anything but to promote tourism to Philippines. However the site doesn’t run for free, there are always bills to be paid monthly – hosting, bandwidth, domain registration etc. Using any of the resources recommended on this page will not cost you anything, but we do get paid a little from these affiliations when they close a deal. However, these recommendations are included only because I think that they are the best in the business, and the price offered is highly competitive. Any use of these resources is very much appreciated.