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Travel itinerary for vacation to the northern part of luzon

Posted by on Oct 7th, 2009
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Iran : I find this site very informative and helpful for travellers, i am planning to bring my vacation to the northern part of luzon. i intend to go to pagudpud, to laoag, vigan and lastly to tuguegarao to visit my best friend. would you mind to give some tips which is the best way to do to be able to realize this plan.

I am quite confuse if i take plane to laoag and then drive to vigan or pagudpud, then after three days to tuguegarao. how far is tuguegarao from laoag?
what if we take bus from manila to the north and take some stop over to some places in the north like baguio,banaue, vigan, to laoag then pagudpud and then lastly to tuguegarao.then back to manila.

sorry its quite complicated.


Editor addon

Ryan: Hi there,
You may want to consider this itinerary – Manila-Laoag (better fly)-Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud- Tuguegarao (6 1/2 hours bus travel at least from Laoag)- Tabuk (Kalinga) – Bontoc (Mt. Province) – Sagada – Bontoc (Mt. Province) – Banawe – Manila.
Aside from the flight into Laoag, all travels would have to be made by land – buses, jeepneys, tricycles or rented vans or 4 wheel drives. Skip Baguio, you are not missing anything – really. From Tuguegarao to Banawe – I am using the route that I know has been tried by other people, I am not privy to any alternate routes that takes you straight from Tuguegarao to Banawe,
Hope this helps!

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6 Responses to “Travel itinerary for vacation to the northern part of luzon”

  1. Dganit says:

    I was thinking of making my way from sagada to Manila easier and take a bus from Sagada to Tuguegarao and a flight to Manila.
    How long will it take ?
    are there any regular buses from Sagada to Tuguegarao?

    • Ryan says:

      Hi there Dganit,

      These are rough estimates and the amount of travel time differs especially if there is a weather disturbance (landslides, etc) in the area. Tuguegarao-Tabuk should be at least 1.5 Hrs, Tabuk-Bontoc – at least 3 hours, Bontoc-Sagada – at least 1 hour. Modes of transport are jeepneys and mini-buses. I can’t confirm right now if there are regular trips. Let’s assume that it isn’t. Rule of the thumb is leave the earliest as most of these transport have their last trips for the day around the afternoon (5:30PM would be the latest from what our initial research turned out).

      Hope that helps!


  2. Dganit says:

    thank you Ryan
    It looks like a shorter trip to Manila-isnt it?
    I think I will do it

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah seems like it! Let me know if you were able to make it. Please feel free to share your experiences and post it on our Sagada article. Cheers and good luck!!!!!


  3. Dganit says:

    sure I will share
    thank you

  4. Chelsea says:

    Dganit, please let me know if you were successful in getting to Bontoc/Sagada from Tuguegarao….and what the names are for the mini-buses. I have a similar problem. My friend would rather not be on a bus for 9 hours from Manila. Does anyone know how long the bus ride would be from Tuguegarao to Pagudpud would be? Where do we purchase tickets at? Any help is appreciated!

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