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Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines

Posted by on Apr 29th, 2009
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Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines

Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines Passengers Terminals

819 Oroquieta Street 1000 Manila

Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines Destinations

Angeles City in Pampanga Province, Tarlac City in Tarlac Province, Sta. Cruz in Zambales Province, Alaminos City and Bolinao in Pangasinan Province, Baguio in Benguet Province, San Fernando in La Union Province, Vigan in Ilocos Province, Laoag in Ilocos Norte Province

Telephone Number: (02) 734-9836

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17 Responses to “Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines”

  1. christine crisostommo says:


    I ride the philippine rabbit bus yesterday January 23, 2010 around 6pm from DAU terminal going to SM North, the conductor asked me where am I heading to, told him he can drop me to SM North, he didn’t answer but hence he gave me a ticket and took my money. Once we were in the Camachile area he asked me again, I informed him at SM North. And then I noticed the bus was heading straight forward, it didnt turned right going to EDSA. I shouted at the driver and asked him “Manong hindi kayo dadaan ng north?” He said “Hindi Avenida kami” When I rode the bus from DAU they dont have the SIGN BOARD. And I rode the bus then conductor said they will pass by SM North!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! BOBO BA SYA OR WHAT? I WAS WITH MY KID WHO IS JUST 3 YEAR OLD NA FIRST TIME MAGCOMMUTE!!! BINABA KAMI NG BUS NUMBER 3129 SA LUGAR KUNG SAN CROWDED AT MARAMING SNATCHERS!!! I WILL REPORT THIS BUS LINE COMPANY TO THE HIGHER LAND TRANSPORTATION OFFICE AND DIDN’T LIKE WHAT HAPPENED ON THAT INCIDENT!! HINDI NA KAMI NAKATIPID NG PAMASAHE WE TOOK A TAXI PA NUNG PAGKABABA NG BUS NA TO SA MAPUTIK NA CROWDED NA LUGAR NALAGAY PA SA PELIGRO BUHAY NAMIN NG BABY KO!! IPAGKAKALAT KO DIN SA LAHAT NG BUS COMPANY ANG EXPERIENCE NA TO SO NO ONE WILL RIDE THIS BUS ANYMORE!!!!

  2. nico says:

    GAGO talaga ung rabbit! bastos pa ung mga conductor! lady believe me… you haven’t seen the worst of them… ive been traveling to class in manila daily since this is the only bus co in angeles.. i actually made a vow to myself that when i graduate i will concentrate all my efforts in setting up my own bus co and drive rabbit out of business!.. im glad i’m not the only one who hates rabbit..

    • peregrine says:

      You have to be wa-is if you plan to travel by bus. I’ve had my share of hassles with buses, but I’ve developed some ground rules during my college years when I commuted extensively and intensively. Allow me to share one rule with you:

      1. Read the Signboard – I once rode a bus at Philcoa and in my exhaustion and obliviousness, discovered that it had driven all the way to Old Manila’s university belt when all I wanted was to get to Cubao and hop on a bus going North to Angeles. The worst part was, I had only enough money in my pocket for that one inner city bus ride and the bus ride north! Anyway, the lady conductor was v. kind and did not take my money and took me all the way back to Quezon Circle.

      To ms crisostommo: Please, as much as possible, read the signboard before you board! If there’s no signboard, then don’t ride the bus nalang.

  3. Mark says:

    Frankly I think katangahan mo yun. Nakita mong walang signboard sumakay ka pa. Pasalamat ka sa camachile ka binaba. Baka much worse kung sa Bulacan sya dumaan. To think na kasama mo yung kid mo na 3 year old, YOU of all people should have been wiser. I have been using philippine rabbit bus and other buses for that matter and i could say, mas mabait naman personnel nila kaysa sa iba.

  4. James says:

    When was the last time that management of Philippine Rabbit had ever checked the state of their pathetic toilet facilitites in the Sta. Cruz station (it stinks to high heavens and has never been changed for the last ten years or so–but they still collect money for the use of it –P2.00 ihi, P5.00 dumi). This also goes for the extremely unhygienic condition inside the buses where the window curtains have never been washed since they were installed how many years ago, the luggage racks above the seats are filled with trash (I couldn’t even put my baggage on top), the seats are dirty and worn out, and the floor is dark, dirty, and unwashed.

    Many bus companies have dramatically improved the condition of their buses through the years, but no, not the Phippine Rabbit.

    To any government agency person reading this, or any media person seeing this message, please check out their said bathroom (water problem? have they even tried installing waterless urinals?) and bus facilities (please, please, video these said facilities to see and believe) and charge them for unsanitary conditions which are detrimental to the public health. The ticket booth, naka kamiseta lang. Polite, yes, but could this person at least look professional enough to put on a uniform?

    Also, could you please just make everything cleaner and updated/more modern in your bus station? Nothing has been changed for all these years, everything looks worn and beaten-up, everything looks dark, grey, and polluted.

    But, it seems that, no one seems to mind! Except me, of course, and I speak for those who are interested for this bus company that it’s about time they clean-up their act, or ship out (for those concerned Philippine Rabbit upper and middle management staff reading this, you should be fired for your unforgivable complacency and extreme incompetence in this regard).

    Kudos, though, to your bus staff and drivers who are very polite and helpful, and this I believe, comes from their hearts.

    Filipinos deserve better –time to hire new, dynamic people who can do the job, instead of keeping the status quo, which is a detriment of the riding public.

  5. Tom Perry says:

    The Philippines is so disorganised compared to Singapore, yet I find it much more pleasant here – why are all of you so nice? Too much discipline is bad for you. You can’t board a bus in Singapore unless you have the right money – here I see people giving P.100 for a P.7 fare and they get change, even if the jeep has to stop at the tindahan. I still get amused at “riding” a bus, because we use British English and we only ride things that go between our legs – horses, camels, motorcycles. But that signboard – it’s not always right and the route on the side of the jeep isn’t in logical order either. Ask the driver – if he doesn’t answer, walay tubag, walay sakay.

  6. stupendous says:

    Di dapat isisi sa iba ang kawalan mo ng street smarts, common sense at diskarte sa buhay. Or you should just buy a freaking car. Pa-sosyal ka nga, wala ka naman palang pera.

  7. rosey says:

    to miss cristine,
    miss, you are old enough to determine that provincial bus follows certain routes..
    and you are old enough too that provincial bus do not perform on what the city bus is doing…
    in short, be street smart, wag kang sakay ng sakay agad, check mo kung provincial or city bus, row4!..
    bawal ang tanga sa kanto…
    alam mo nmn around the city klng, sukat ba nmn sa provincial bus ka sasakay?!!
    the worse of it, i brobroadcast mo pa ginawa mong katangahan sa ltfrb?!! tsik tsik!

    • christine says:

      To those who replied:

      There’s no signboard nga dba? so next option is to ask the driver? sasakay bako kung hindi ko alam kung san papunta yon? Eh sa sinabi ng driver OO DADAAN KAME SM NORTH! edi sumakay ako! sasakay bako dun kung hindi un dadaan don?

      • Kate Mendoza says:

        Not sure, kung gawa-gawa mo lang ang story mo. Alam mo ang SM North; pero di mo alam kung dumadaan ang Rabbit sa EDSA.

        Tama naman ang conduktor, dadaan nga ng SM North, bababa ka nga lang ng Camatchiles.

  8. SeaAngel1991 says:

    Christine: Been there – Done that. I am happy for you were wisely dropped-off at a nicer place. Some passengers were let-go in a most in-appropriate locationwhere it can be difficult to get around or another ride. I’ll give you and your child ride with me should a blessed time comes. Just stay and keep your cool so just to maintain your sanity and be thankful that on the Internet we find opportunistic people as some writers above have done so. Be street wise, too. In 1996 I rode on one of those Farinas thing. The driver and conductor answered natures call while the bus was parked off rode. Lucky that when the bus roled down toward a cliff I was still awake, (1AM) went to control…brakes and forward gear… andwere awfully close to disaster about 15 feet! Yeah the sidmarks were there!

  9. theta says:

    whoa, now that’s heavy.. :) maybe the lady wants her money’s worth that’s why she acted that way. and like what she said, first time ng anak niya to travel kaya she is concerned about the kid enough to give reason to her action..
    in fairness sa kanya, me mga bastos na konduktor talaga.. as in walang modo. im not generalizing them, but I’ve had some experience na din.. and SHE ASKED, so sa lahat ng nag bash sa kanya about common sense and etc, it was well said that SHE ASKED.. and the mere fact of handing her the ticket gives her the answer, tama?
    But, christine, i have to agree with them, wag kang masyadong pajunarte, kasi we’ve been there. you have to just expect the worst.. next time na lang..

  10. seed says:

    lahat me karapatan na magsalita ng hinanakit nila tama lang na mag sabi ng ganyan para malaman ng tao kung tama ba ang gagawin nila buti nga na share nila un eh para sa ganun lahat me idea na

  11. mario velasquez says:

    Christine is right. We should not be subjected to this. Totoo, nangyari na rin ito sa karamihan sa atin. It still doesn’t justify what happened nor should it be condoned.
    This is the root of the problems in the Philippines: lack of information. It is exacerbated by misinformation from staff not fully versed in their company’s mission and timetable. As a result customers are left with misinformations and hearsays.
    As a user of public transportation “It is NOT more fun in the Philippines”. It’s a nightmare.

  12. Justin says:

    Meeh. If you’re not certain to something why go for it? He did not answered you, mind that. Kumbaga, the giving of the ticket is automatic IMO that’s why it doesn’t mean na his answer was yes. You believed in a simple gesture (that you thought was an answer) without having any doubts as to where were the bus was really going. IMO you should’ve asked the driver just to make sure. When I forget to look at the sign I always ask both the conductor and the driver the destination of the bus. Good thing he dropped you in Camachile. If it were anywhere else it’d be worse. And you were with your baby, when you rode that signless bus, didn’t it gave at least a hint that this trip might not be what you expect and that you and your baby might head the wrong direction? Be wa-is next time miss. You have a baby so I’m expecting you to be a mature woman wise enough to make the right decisions.

    It’s true that lack of information is the root of the problems here in the Philippines. But the fact that basing from one event that has happened because of carelessness (or just put it with misfortune), he/she would already make this report to this shit and report to that shit bashing that this bus company is shit is definitely a shitty way of degrading the bus company. For short, no one will develop as long as someone will keep on degrading it. Comment or suggest something to make the company better, not throw accusations on it basing on experiences caused by carelessness or simply stupidity.

    And as a conclusion I would just say this, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU RIDING A BUS IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN YOU WILL JUST COMPLAIN LIKE A SPOILED BRAT? The Philippine public transportation is not like in the other countries whom are giving you first-class satisfaction as to where you are going. HERE, public transportation is HELL, get used to it. Though they don’t develop as fast as they should be, they are trying their best to be as accommodating to your wishes as they can. Be thankful for the little things like there’s still public transportation available, and that if not all, most conductors and drivers are kind and helpful. Being kind in return would be the only thing you can give back. Hell, if you’re gonna be shitty about public transportation in the first place, why not just ride with your personal car, no ones stopping you? No one’s forcing you to ride the bus either. Stop degrading everything. If not everything, mostly it’s the very root of all problems why Philippines isn’t moving forward… at all.

    Btw, my comment is not intended only for the very first commenter who bitches about the bus company’s not being informative, it’s for all the people who are bitching about everything else about not just the Phil. Rabbit bus line, but also to other bus lines. Stop being a bitch about it and do something about it and bashing it is definitely not an answer. Thank you. Peace.

  13. danissa pelones says:

    i rode the philippine rabbit bus from dau to avenida.i gave the conductor 1,000 for the fare but until we get to avenida he didn’t give me back the change yet until i end up asking about my change and to remove `my bags out of the compartment but there is lots of porters surrounded me and i was really stress because i had my 2 years old kid with me. never knowing that they left the one bag inside the compartment of the bus. and the problem is all of my documents is in there.i think they will just try to distract you if they see you really stress with all your baggage then they take advantage. i know the driver,conductor and the porter are working together.

    the name of the bag is SPORT color black and blue.with books, printer, android tablet and my documents.if someone found this bag please return it to me.all i want is just my name is DANISSA PELONES, here is my mobile number: 09087243724
    it was august 05,2012 sunday at 3pm.
    i hope we all be honest to have a good karma and success in life.

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