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Pets stores and Vets in Manila – The Good and the Bad

Posted by on Sep 25th, 2009
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Tourism Philippines Walkabout Pinas ColumnistWhen in a new country with your pets, usually one of your first concerns is where to get all of the things you need to keep your pet happy, pampered, and healthy. In Manila there is a wide range of establishments to choose from. For food, toys, veterinary clinics, and finding a new four-legged family member you don’t have to search too hard. However, some of these businesses are better than others when it comes to the treatment of animals.

Pet Supplies

When it comes to getting all of the things your pet needs and deserves, there are a number of options. For pet food, most supermarkets have a reasonable range available. In Makati the best range and value for money I have found is at Landmark. They have a bigger variety of dog food compared to cat food but I can still find cat litter and the brand of cat food my cats like, for the best price in Manila.

Brushes, toys, carry cases, and even clothes (Modelled by Aslan Angma) can be found in Manila

Brushes, toys, carry cases, and even clothes (Modelled by Aslan Angma) can be found in Manila
Photo by Scott Allford

You can go to the pet stores for this as well. I’ve heard that a really good pet store is Bow & Wow, located at the Shangri-La Mall in Mandaluyong (5/L; 638-3372)., although it is a little expensive, they offer organic foods that are actually fit for human consumption as well, and they are truly the healthier option when it comes to pet food.

For toys you can make a trip out to Cartimar as they have a huge range. However, the conditions some of the animals are kept in can be a bit dubious. Also most pet stores carry a range of toys as well.

I bought my Siamese cat from a pet store in Makati. In the past I have gotten my cats from Animal Welfare and from the street. However, when we saw little Rajah Kidlat in the window of Bio-Research (then located in Glorietta), we instantly fell in love with him. He was in a tiny cage in the front window with no litter or food and surrounded by other cages of barking dogs. He was actually quite traumatised. When we took him for his first check-up and vaccinations we learned he had ear mites, lice and other parasites. For the only pet I have ever gotten from a pet store, he was the unhealthiest pet I have ever welcomed into my family.

Cat Christmas attire modelled by Rajah Kidlat

Christmas attire modelled by Rajah Kidlat
Photo by Scott Allford

As I also travel a lot, I need somewhere to leave my cats when on a long vacation. I initially had some friends who would look after my cats when I went away, but when that option was gone I had to put them into a cattery. I took them to Animal House on Jupiter Street in Makati. Every time I go to Animal House they are trying to sell me supplies, specialty foods, and medicines that I really don’t need. I do understand, they are a business and they need to make money. When I took my cats to their cattery I was shocked to learn that even if two cats share a cage you have to pay the boarding cost for each individual animal. It was actually more expensive than the hotel I was staying in that weekend. But as I had no other option I had to accept. After putting Rajah Kidlat in the cage, he looked like he was going to have a heart attack, obviously still traumatised by his experience at Bio-Research. But I left him there. A few hours later my conscience got the better of me and I went back to pick up my cats. It was after Animal House’s usual business hours and I went upstairs to the cattery to find the air-conditioner was turned off and the room was really hot and humid, the room stunk of cat poo and pee as the litter boxes were full of it, and my cats had not been fed. Needless to say, I will never leave them there again.

Currently I leave my cats at home with a large amount of food and plenty of toys when I go away for the weekend. However, I have since learned there are a number of good places to leave your pets when you’re out of town, and CARA can help you find them.


A really good organisation for cats and dogs is CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) +632 8825323. When I got Rajah neutered I took him there and they were very good. They adopt out strays and rescued animals. I seriously recommend that if you want a new pet, visit their website and check out their adoption gallery. Also they can connect you with people who are willing to take care of your pets while you are out of town. In addition to this, CARA also holds regular events around Manila for adoptions and general information on animal issues.
Also CARA recommended a few vets that, in their experience, have been very good in handling the needs of CARA’s members.

Dr Raymond de Villa 0917-5266747 635-6895
Animal Care Specialists
Stalls 16-17, Pet Village
Tiendesitas Complex, C-5 Highway
Pasig City

Dr Nielsen Donato 0918-8366286 531-1581 to -1584
Vets in Practice
63 Maysilo Circle corner Boni Avenue
Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Dr Nick Carpio 0917-8559876 556-2885
Carveldon Veterinary Center
Unit 21 Aqualand Apartment
Cartimar Complex, Taft Avenue
Pasay City

Other than these vets, an acquaintance told me that due to some bad experiences in the past, he is very choosy about which vet he will take his dog to. He said that the Veterinary Hospital at UP Diliman was the best. After other vets told him that his dog was going to die and wanted to charge huge fees to keep it alive, he took his dog to UP Diliman and they brought the dog back to its normal happy, healthy self. He now lives far from the UP Diliman Campus so he said he always researches whether a vet went to UP Diliman before he takes his pets there.

Pets Cat Neutered in Manila

Aslan Angma still under sedation after being neutered
Photo by Scott Allford

I’m sure there are many other good places and many other bad pet stores and vets in Manila. However, if the health and well being of your pet is your highest priority, I suggest that the most important thing to do is to always research the places you take your pets to in order to keep them happy and healthy. This way you can have peace of mind when it comes to the health and wellness of your furry family members.

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Scott M. Allford has lived and worked in Australia and South Korea and has travelled extensively throughout Asia- Mongolia, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan – fell in love with the Philippines and decided to allocate at least two years to comprehensively cover the country. Learn more about me [+]

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36 Responses to “Pets stores and Vets in Manila – The Good and the Bad”

  1. Grace says:

    Love reading your column Scott! I’m a cat lover too, and it is heart warming to see all the affection and care you have for your cats!

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks Grace,
    Glad you’re enjoying reading. I’ve also been focusing on pets this month as World Animal Day 2009 is coming up.
    If you know anyone with pets they can check out the following stuff in Manila:

    -Saturday 26th September – World Animal Day, CARA promotion booth at Eastwood from 5pm – 8pm
    -Sunday 27th September – World Rabies Day with the Animal Welfare Coalition at the Fort 7am – midnight.
    – Friday 2nd October – Story telling competition at Museo Pambata
    -Saturday 3rd October – CARA adoption booth USEC bazaar 9am – 5pm
    – Saturday 3rd October – Pet Blessing & Pet Fair at Bonifacio High street, Launch & General assembly of the PAWS Aspin Club
    -Sunday 4th October CARA promotion booth Mall of Asia 10am – 5pm
    – Sunday 4th October- Pet Blessing & Fund Raising Concert for the Animals at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Scott,
      Hope you ok after terrible happenings in your part of the world. Im in England and I think when watching news reports that I saw rescue dogs looking for lost people in the rubble (jakarta or panang?). They appeared to not have dog shoes. Did you see this? a local was bandaging a cut paw. I thought that is the kind of appeal that will really appeal to Brits! not that we dont like people but if an animal is suffering…. Is anyone in UK or else where raising funds for those dogs for shoes??? think they are 45 ukp each set !

      How about starting an appeal yourself?

      Could you find some info please?

      Hope u got power by the way. Cant imagine what its like there. Best wishes.

      • Scott says:

        Hi Lynne,
        I think you mean Padang in Sumatra. I don’t have any information on Indonesia. If you want to Donate for Indonesia contact the Red Cross or Animal Welfare groups in Britain.

        Thanks for your concern.


  3. gingersnap says:

    The animal welfare situation in the Philippines is in need of major improvement.
    I don’t even want to go to cartimar because of seeing the animals’ situation, most pet stores are just concern with making a profit and neglecting the animals.
    My sister got our rabbit from bio research and on his second check up 4days after she got him, we found out he had mite infestation.
    The vet overlooked it during his first checkup, we went to animal house in jupiter for this and it was a good thing he was treated.
    further research for vets and i was referred to vets in practice in mandaluyong, hiro(the bunny) was neutered there and we now go there for his check ups.
    I just hope the Philippines would recognize and implement animal rights.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Gingersnap,
      I agree with you that the animal welfare situation does need to improve. I will be focusing on animal welfare in the Philippines in one of my future articles. However, I do not think it is necessarily worse here than anywhere else. I bought a rabbit in Australia from a pet store because it was being kept in an octagonal fish tank and could barely turn around. Not to mention Australian farmers hacking bits of maggot infested flesh out of marino sheep without sedating them. Korea still hangs and beats dogs before killing them for meat. Japan massacres dolphins and India leads cows on death marches across the country so they can be slaughtered for leather. China boils and skins cats and dogs alive for the fur trade.
      So I will be highlighting animal welfare and the lack of animal rights in the Philippines but I will not be demonizing the country in the process.
      There are a number of good animal welfare NGOs in the Philippines and they can direct people to reputable vets and pet stores.
      If you could give the name and address of the good vet you went to in Mandaluyong other people may find the information useful.

    • Monica says:

      Gingersnap, would it be possible for me to get that info where you got your rabbit neutered? I have a 2 month old bunny, and I understand he’s a bit too young to get neutered, but I am already looking for good places to get this done in the new few months. Thanks a lot.

  4. Scott says:

    Hi Everyone,

    All of the above mentioned events for World Animal Day have been postponed due to Typhoon Ondoy. I will update this when new dates are advertised.

  5. Charlie says:

    Hi, Scott,

    This is a good post. I still cannot get over your experience in Animal House!! I am about to write them.

    Is there anybody from the Philippine government like politicians who are pet and animal advocates? Surely there is someone with a sincere heart.

    Also, I as much as I am aware of animal cruelty around the globe, I am still horrified. Knowing that there are organizations advocating to rescuing animals, is there any good news that has come out of it?

    Thank you :)

  6. Scott says:

    Hi Charlie,

    The Animal Welfare Organisations here in the Philippines are all NGOs. I myself do not know of any politicians who are animal advocates, but some may be.

    There is some good news in the Philippines. If you would like to contact CARA or PAWS they can tell you how you can help.

  7. Charlie says:

    Scot, Ryan,

    Thank you. After stumbling on this site to find a way where to donate for the animals, I was very thrilled and excited. I’d check this place often.

    Scott, I’m not sure if you are the same person whose blog/post I read. But thank you for all the encouragement. And if that was your blog, I enjoyed reading it. Bless you and the rest of the NGOs or who ever is an advocate for animal rights. I was always supportive, but am now getting involved… I could not look at an animal abused or in pain with out welling up and getting upset for the whole day. (Or longer)

    If this senator that is spoken off an active supporter of animal rights, what has he done? Is it consistent? I am not being rude, but every government has their promises and some are just for show. I do not mean to be cynical, but my intentions are for the animals.

    I will be doing more research in awhile but I thought I’d come to this site first.
    Thank you, gentlemen.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi there,

      I remember that he spoke against the murder of endemic ducks in Negros Occidental a few months ago. I have talked to one of his staff who is a friend and according to her the senator is an avid supporter. we will see of course, I am also watching closely. I have some animal rights issues like I want to be raised as well – like dogfighting, etc etc. There are still websites promoting hunting in the Philippines so I’d really like to see it shut down. Like that one university student who murdered a beloved kitten a few months ago and still going unpunished. While we are not China nor Korea when it comes to animal cruelty, we are still far, far, far behind when it comes to proper legislation and law enforcement of animal rights.



  8. Scott says:

    Hi all, I just got this from PAWS:

    THANK YOU to everyone who sent in their donations for the animals displaced by typhoon Ondoy.

    PAWS desperately needs the ff :
    * dog cages with roof (all the kennels are now full)
    * large tent for temp shelter for cages of admitted dogs
    * WET dog and cat… food
    * flashlights, AA batt, D batts & hi-powered rechargable lamps
    * cleaning materials (chlorox, lysol, brushes)
    * old blankets and towels
    * microwave (new or 2nd hand)
    * medicine of funds to buy medicine

    Multivitamin tablets for the dogs
    multivitamin syrup for the cats
    Vibravet paste for the cats
    Doxycycline and amoxicillin (250mg) capsules for the dogs
    Silymarin or Jetepar capsules if any pets have leptospirosis
    Sangobion capsules and syrup as well.

    Fluids: D5W in LRS, D5W in 0.9NaCL, plain 0.9% NaCl,
    plain LRS, Microdrip I.V. linesI.V., Catheters Gauge 22, 24 and 26 Paracetaml, tylenol & multivitamins for the staff

    You can send to :

    * 350 Media, Room 508 Manila Bank Building, Ayala Ave, Makati c/o Marla Licandro
    * 2-B Legaspi St, Philam Homes, West Ave c/o Rich Ilustre
    * VETS IN PRACTICE c/o Dr. Nick & Marga Carpio
    63 Maysilo Circle cor Boni Ave. Mandaluyong (across Tapa King around the circle)tel no: 5311581 to 82; Pasay branch: CARVELDON VETERINARY CENTER,k Cartimar Commercial Center, Pasay, tel no: 5562885Pasig: ANIMAL CARE SPECIALISTS Pet Village, Tiendesitas 635-6895

    Thank you from the Humans and Animals of PAWS!! : )

  9. Charlie says:

    Scott and Ryan,

    Thank you so much for entertaining my concerns. It really means a lot to me knowing there is hope to save these creatures.

    I lived in China for a year and adopted a cat there. (For full story and pictures, let me know) I witnessed first hand what conditions their pounds and their zoo was like! It really kills me. It pained me that I cannot save the rest of the cats, dogs and other animals. The look they gave as we left… I am choked up right now just recounting what happened.

    I didn’t meant to go on a tangent there, but I am forever horrified and ashamed to be a human being when it comes to animal cruelty! It’s unforgivable. Ketsana has proven everyone to help each other AND for other people out there who have thought of the welfare of these animals who are victims too.

    Once again, I am very grateful for your patience, time and information.


  10. Scott says:

    Here’s an update from PAWS about World Animal Day Celebrations in Manila:


    The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), in cooperation with SM Mall of Asia and Alpo Chop House, celebrates World Animal Day with an exciting event for all animal lovers on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

    Start the morning with a special mass and pet blessing at 11am featuring the 92AD choir.

    Browse through the booths of different organizations championing animal rights in the Philippines.

    Aside from PAWS, participating groups include Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), Earth Island Institute Philippines (EII-Phils), Feathered Friends Foundation (FFF), Network for Animals (NFA), Palawan Animal Welfare Association (PAWA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines).

    There will also be a display of YOCard’s “Visuals with Vision” entries with amateur graphic designers doing their own interpretation of the themes “Saving the Seas” for the Haribon Foundation and “Adoption of Stray Animals” for PAWS.

    Then, starting at 2pm, you and your fur babies can strike a pose in the pet photo area, have our face painter turn you into a dalmatian or a pug, explore the newest pet portal on the net, and work on animal-themed projects in the arts & crafts booth.

    And at 3pm, animal-loving celebrities and bands come together to raise funds for the PAWS Shelter which has been turned into an evacuation center for the animals displaced by typhoon “Ondoy.”

    Jam with international star Sam Bradley together with True Faith, Rachel Alejandro, Gian Magdangal, Joey Ayala, Jan Nieto, Aliya Parcs, Harry Santos, Camerawalls, Reklamo and more as they sing for the animals.

    Donations in cash or in kind (canned pet food, roofed cages, dog shampoo, old blankets and medicine) will be accepted at the PAWS Booth from 11am – 8pm.

    So come and spend a meaningful weekend with your four-legged love ones only at the WORLD ANIMAL DAY Celebration at SM Mall of Asia.

  11. Jonna says:

    Hi Scott!

    I just chanced upon your blog and sad to say, I myself (and my Siamese cat, Qish, included) had a horrible experience in Animal House. It was so bad that I decided not to bring my cat there ever again. We found loving and very, very good vets in Vets in Practice Animal Hospital, particularly Dr. Nielsen Donato (owner) and Dr. Riza Zunio. They’re very good with my cats, and actually saved the life of my Siamese. They also won’t shove products onto your face (and I agree that Animal House does this!), and they would actually advise/recommend to use herbal products.

  12. Scott says:

    Thanks for the info Jonna. I hope you and Qish have a Happy New Year.

    • Jonna says:

      Thanks, hoping the best of the coming year for you and your kitties as well! But I’m sure my cats (Qish and Rue, a kitten I rescued from the street) will be too nervous from all the banging and firecracker explosions around! :(

  13. jaime says:

    hi scott, i wonder if u can help me im from london my girlfriend lives in cubao qc i bought her a persian cat 1 year ago and i need to find a good boarding house to keep her in after your story of the 1 on jupiter street i think ill give that one a miss do you no any others?
    also i was shocked at the standard of good shop stores for animals there in uk we have huge places with so much choice there isnt much choice for cats there i went to bio reserch at sm near trinoma but they carry verry little stock can u help with a bigger and better place.
    also scott im not sure if my cat has been vaccinated can u give me the name of a good vet and tell me how much it costs there in phili,. thanks jaime and ester

    • Scott says:

      Hi Jaime,

      You’re best bet is to contact CARA who I mentioned in the Vets section. They will be able to connect you with people who look after pets. I haven’t tried any out yet but apparently they feed and play with your pets and generally keep them safe and happy until you return.
      Re stores for pet goods. The choice is limited here and sadly the best range you will find is in Cartimar. However, also in the Cartimar Complex is Carveldon Veterinary Center who I also mentioned in the Vets section. I’ve taken my cats there are couple of times and they’re very good. I also went out to Vets In Practice in Mandaluyong last December and was very impressed by their vets and services.
      For vaccinations it depends on which vaccinations your pet needs. It can cost anywhere from around 1,000 pesos for the basics to about 4,000 for the works. But that’s just from memory and I think that was for my TWO cats. So it could be cheaper.

      Hope that helps.

      If you’ve got any other questions feel free to ask.

  14. Jonna says:

    If I may add to Scott’s reply to Jaime, you may also want to try going to Tiendesitas which is quite nearer to Cubao for pet goods (from leashes, collars, carriers to supplements, clothes, etc.). For organic pet food, I get my supplies from Bow & Wow in 5th level Shangri-la EDSA Mall (they’re the only one who carries a wide array of organic and healthy food for cats and dogs).

    At Vets in Practice, here are the costs of the vaccinations for cats (as of Nov 2009 when I had my rescued kitten vaccinated): 3-in-1 = P850 / anti-rabies = P300 / deworming = P150.

  15. jaime says:

    scott and jonna thanks for the reply, you have been most helpfull ive just found out there is a new pet shop just opened in sm cubao near ali mall so ill give that a try also next week, thanks again

  16. Monica says:

    Scott, I was wondering if you have ever been to (0917-8559876 556-2885)
    Carveldon Veterinary Center (Unit 21 Aqualand Apartment Cartimar Complex, Taft Avenue Pasay City) or actually know people that have been there?

    I came across your article when I was searching online a trustworthy veterinary clinic to bring my dog (still a puppy) to and hopefully build a good relationship with the veterinarian. I read the whole article including the comments and found the discussion quite informative and needless to say, friendly. I took your word and brought our dog to the veterinary clinic above that’s in your recommended top 3 list (I’m guessing here) as it is the closest one.

    Well, to sum it all up, we met Dr. Herbert (or something because there was no last name whatsoever) as he is the only veterinarian currently in and I just reluctantly decided to go with it. During the consultation, the so called “doctor” did not even bother asking what my dog’s background at all, just haphazardly decided to conclude that she might have a very infectious disease and that it is possible to infect me as well.

    It seems like the doctor used a scary tactic to make me agree to get her examined for a test that costs more than P500, which conveniently turns out as negative. The “doctor” then examined my dog’s stool sample and failed to mention that there’s an additional charge for that, separate from the consultation fee. The money is really not an issue here but since the total amount for a consultation fee without any vaccines whatsoever racked up to an astounding P1,500 (It’s like a scam where there are lots of hidden charges).

    The “doctor” and his staff that day did not even have a feeling of professionalism in them at all. All I can say is that I’m truly disappointed in what just happened to me and my dog. And I hope that before you recommend a place where other people will take your word for it, please make sure that you know it well before telling other people about it.


    • Scott says:

      Hi Monica,

      Actually that clinic was the main vet that I took my 2 cats to. The other was Vets in Practice in Mandaluyong. I never had a bad experience at Carveldon. My cat Rajah has a recurring fungus on his chin and at Carveldon they told me that I could buy an ointment which cost over 800 pesos, but that virgin coconut oil would work just as well. So I actually had the complete opposite experience to you as they always gave me the cheapest option. I always found the my vet to be very competent and knowledgeable and very good with my cats (Aslan hates vets and can be very difficult).
      Also the 3 vets on my list were recommended to me by CARA as these are the places that CARA members take their animals and recommend. I would not recommend a place without fully researching it and going there myself. Out of the 3 vets I mentioned I did not take my cats to Animal Care Specialists because it was very far from my house but CARA and other people did assure me that the vets there are very good.
      Also if you paid only 1,500 for those tests I don’t know why you consider it to be a scam as I paid well over 3,000 at Animal House in Jupiter street for far less. Pets are expensive and if you really care for them it is your responsibility to pay for them to be healthy and happy.

      • Disaa says:

        Strange Scott… I also had a cat called Aslan, now what are the odds…We take ours to UP as the Animal house on Aurora was very nice ( Used thenm for 3 years), but useless with street cats and Aslan died from a stupid mistake they made. :( UP are great.

      • Monica says:

        Scott, I was wondering if you can help me find a good veterinary clinic that can neuter my bunny. I’ve been trying to look, but with no such luck.

        Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


        • Scott says:

          Hi Monica,
          Your best bet is to contact CARA. 02 353-3381
          09107297026. They are the best animal organisation I have found in Manila and if they cannot do the surgery, they will be able to refer you to a good vet who can.

          • Em says:

            I agree! CARA is the best animal shelter in Manila.

          • Monica says:

            Thank you so much! Will post an update for those who are looking for the same services.

            • Jonna says:

              Try calling Vets in Practice Animal Hospital as well, I’ve seen different animals being treated there, even exotic ones (wild pig, tiger, snake, you name it!). They’re my trusted vets, especially Dr. Nielsen Donato and Dr. Riza Zunio. My kitties love them! They’ve saved my furry angels from using up their nine lives (one accidentally ingested a needle and required surgery, and one suffered a bad case of food allergy).

  17. Monica says:

    Hey Scott,
    Thanks for the quick response.

    Well my case might be isolated but just want to let you know that it did happen to someone. I wrote to you because I do care about animals and just want for them to be treated properly and not just to be another source of “cash cow” (I felt that you’re really passionate when it comes to your pet especially when you mentioned that you went back that very night to get your cat back from where you left him a few hours earlier). I was moved by your actions (or story for that matter) that is why I took your word and went with your recommended vet. Hopefully you read this with an open mind and that you will be wary next time of people trying to take advantage of others through fear or whatever it takes (which is another form of scam) just to get the most out of something.
    As I have mentioned before, money is not the issue here (since I have already spent more than 20k on my dog) but by the way the doctor scared us into paying for an examination procedure that was not really necessary in the first place (is just not professional at all).
    My dog has been with me for 2 weeks (that time as she is with me for a month now) and never even once have she gone out since the day I got her. So when we brought her to that clinic, the doctor is very insistent that it is a highly infectious disease that she have contracted (out of nowhere) and that I am now placing myself at risk if I don’t get her examined. And since I never had any experiences with such infectious disease, I just haphazardly agree with what the doctor suggested and the test procedure began.
    The test result came back as negative (surprise surprise) but it is worth mentioning that the doctor was very persistent with his diagnosis as he went back and forth (from his tiny check-up area and the front desk) before finally declaring that she is just fine (really made me laugh).
    Just to be sure, I went to another veterinary clinic (recommended by my aunt in Makati) the next day and ask the doctor with what just happened, she did not only say that the test was clearly not needed and that the dog is just adjusting to the air-conditioned room (cause I just leave it turned on all day) but that the doctor is just doing his job to earn more money.
    All I want to point out is that the doctor never even asked in what room the dog is in, how’s her health for that matter, or even how active she is at home. I’m just guessing here but they just probably treat people differently as to how they look, how old they are and the like (foreigners do get special treatments most of the time; just saying it out loud). I’m only a college student so I don’t know if it makes me gullible to the eyes of these kinds of people. I’m not implying or anything of the sort; it is just sickening to see people do anything for money and not really care about the animals that we truly love and taking good care of.
    I greatly care about my dog since she is like a child that I will be taking good care of till she grows old. She will be with me for a long time and that is why I am looking for a competent doctor that I can truly entrust my dog’s well being.
    I have not done my research but if anything happened to my dog, can the veterinarians be held liable or not at all? Money doesn’t matter if something happened to the dog just because of malpractice. Can you even say that if ever your cat will be diagnosed with something he doesn’t have, given treatments he doesn’t need and have to be operated with something that doesn’t even exist; will you feel great about it? Just because the doctor said so doesn’t mean it is a fact. And just because the doctor is nice to you doesn’t mean he is already a god of some sort.
    Well, thanks for your time and. Have a great week!

  18. Lia says:

    I read about the comment about Carlveldon, I have 2 dogs and I never had any bad experience with them..infact Dr. Herbert is one the best Doctor for dogs so far..

  19. Ana says:

    good Lord!

    I haven’t been home in years and being in Singapore, one is spoiled silly of good pet stores and if you meet a certain purchase requirement (I have one close to the house) they will deliver to your doorstep.Not bad considering cat litter and cat food are quite heavy to lug around…as I am going home to Manila, thanks for warning me about the choices available there.Might be better for me to bring home with me her usual cat food (she only eats the wet kind) and litter…as I may not be able to find the kind there during our “vacation”.Really great blog thanks!

  20. khrisna says:

    hi scott..
    i am in australia at the moment and about to go home in the philipppines sometime in march.. I am really having a difficult time looking for a pet travel agents who can give me assistance in moving my cat but i can’t just leave my pet behind or give him away. Do you know any online shop in the philippines where i can buy supplies for my pet? food is not a problem because it is available in the grocery stores in my place but my worry is finding a kitty litter.

    btw.. we filipinos are very thankful for your kind heart and for giving the philippines a chance to show what we can offer..

    hope i can meet you sometime in the future at my beloved little city.. the city of smiles.. LEGAZPI CITY!

    cheers mate!

    • Scott says:

      Hi Khrisna,

      For moving your cat to the Philippines just contact the airlines. PAL carries pets, just arrange it in advance. I don’t know which city you’re going to be in, but I found it easy to get pet supplies in Manila, pet stores and vets have everything you need and even some hardware stores have cat litter and some toys or treats.

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