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JAM Transit Bus

Posted by on Apr 13th, 2009
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Jam Transit Bus

JAM Transit Passengers Transit

Timog Ave. cor. EDSA, Quezon City
Taft Avenue, Cubao

JAM Transit Terminals

Quezon province, Laguna province south of Manila, Batangas

Telephone Numbers:

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9 Responses to “JAM Transit Bus”

  1. robin, says:

    we travelled from Lucena to Cubao last thursday,,,,, the bus was very clean inside and out, the driver was smooth and the ticket guy very friendly,,,,,top marks

  2. Crash Override says:

    We are bound to Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas just right after Tagaytay, we arrived at Jam transit terminal (Buendia-Taft) and was informed that there is no trip straight to that location. Instead of going to Pasay for a one way trip, the bus assistant informed us that they will just drop us in a location they called “Diversion” where there is a bus terminal that has a trip straight to Nasugbu without knowing where the heck “Diversion” is. We agreed and felt satisfied with their suggestion knowing that the fare from “Diversion” to Nasugbu would be less than Php 50.00, just enough to cover the fare expense from their terminal to Pasay so we oblige. The supposedly 2 hours trip became a 3 hours trip until we reached our destination. “Where the hell are we?” “Just almost near Batangas port”. We went to the other terminal and was happy that there is a trip straight to Nasugbu, unfortunately, the Php50.00 fare supposedly was almost the same as what we paid from Jam Transit terminal to “Diversion”. At that moment, we have this mice running on our heads that Jam transit took advantage of us just for them to completely earn more for their own. How stupid we are not knowing where to go. We know it’s all our fault and a lesson learned that is charged to our experience. So guys, avoid Jam transit especially if you do not know where your destination exactly is. You never want to have a 2 hours trip to be a 5 hours trip and pay almost double the fare which you should have paid. And for Jam transit, please provide good customer service. “GREAT Customer Service is the key to your SUCCESS!”. But since this already have happened to us, we would be the group that would avoid your company. This is not a good experience for us even though we are your frequent customers since we are mountaineers that travels a lot. 0 star out of 5..
    ~Crash Override

  3. disappointed says:

    very saturday i am traveling from cabuyao to manila for my saturday masteral. i was very happy to the convenience it gave me when i found one straight ride going to buendia and going back to cabuyao. until yesterday (july 17) at 4 pm. i am very much disappointed to JAM LINER BUS 302. the movie they are letting us watch is a movie with frontal nudity and with so much violence where scenes are mostly killing and hunting.with kids on board i dont think it is proper and appropriate. There are really some in the bus who shouted that there are kids in the bus but still the driver did not even pay attention to our complain. majority of JAm’s bus are actually ok. just want the management to know this so it will not happen again.

  4. cielykaye says:

    Jam Transit Bus with body number 730 is overspeeding earlier and the driver sounds maniacal everytime he overtakes other bus. and he doesnt seem to be concerned with time schedule. He always stops looking for passengers eventhough the bus is already full.

    And one more thing, every monday, there’s a reason why we wake up early to catch a bus on the way to work to manila, but some of the drivers in JAM Transit especially in their Talipan terminal are so lazy. I always noticed that they dont follow bus schedule and they dont have a time schedule! Its a good thing DLTB become operational and its terminal is also in Talipan – and they have an interval time schedule!

  5. phoebe says:

    I traveled from Kamuning cubao going to balibago with Jam bus body no. 541 this morning departure time 6:30am and i gave 1thousand pesos to the collectors and but suddenly he gave me Php,.433.00 only and am so dump coz i just realized it when i arrived here at my work. Now am keep on trying to contact the station of Jam bus but their line are not available.

    i want my money back. it’s not easy to earn money..

  6. tony says:

    The HEAD of the JAM TRANSIT in TAFT AVE. corner GIL PUYAT avenue is insisting that there is no law prohibiting smoking insie the land terminals.

    he must be relieved for not knowing anything about the law.
    There are a lot of smokers including drivers and conductors inside the terminals.

    The operating license of JAM must be cancelled.

  7. irritated passenger says:

    i also experienced such not so lucky day riding with JAM BUS,just today. The bus stopped at Kamuning station just a few miles away from their garage at Muñoz, the arrogant conductor said LBM daw un driver at pag may ibang bus daw e transfer kmi e 2X ko n naexperience yun ganun reason with
    thesamedriver. Never go to work when not feeling well kasi dami taong mahalaga bawat minuto ang naabala. BUS #720 magbaon k lagi ng immodium or diatabs or better never go to work.and to taht arrogant conductor, talk nicely to your passengers ndi yung magtataas k p ng boses. kya ganyan n lang mga buhay nyo wla kayong mlasakit s kapwa puro pera lang impt sa inyo. kung wlang pasahero wla rin kayong kita. always remember that. sna lang nababasa din to ng mgnt to do something about it.


  8. Ok na sana ang JAM says:

    There are just a few things I’d like to bring up. First would be the change – I mean, I would understand if they would need to break down a 1000 peso bill but for a 100 would be ridiculous! Instead of giving, they’d give you sarcastic comments such as, “Wala ba kayo barya? Walang isusukli sa inyo e…”, that’s in a manner that makes the passengers feel that they shouldn’t be bothered by giving change for fares. I don’t think it’s very professional for a bus conductor to react that way. In the first place, they should have expected beforehand that people might not have the exact amount in their pockets everytime. Relatively, the second agenda I would like to bring up is the courteousness of the personnel (drivers, conductors, barkers, etc…). They seem very unapproachable and rude at times. Lastly, the schedule of the trips. I really feel that they are not being followed. The other day, the conductor told me that we would be leaving in like 5 – 10 minutes but guess what, I ended up waiting in the bus for more than an hour. I really didn’t mind that time because I was too sleepy to notice but my real concern was that this isn’t the first time that this has happened. I really hope JAM would consider taking the necessary actions to improve their services. Overall, their buses and facilities are quite alright. It’s the customer service that really gives it a bad name. By the way, my usual route is LRT Buendia to Cabuyao, I’m not sure if this is also apparent to others.

  9. ana javier says:

    last sat ….sakay ako ng jam 33o am from buendia to batangas kasamaang palad tumirik ang bus sa star toll highway.wala man lang abiso ang kundoktor at driver na pansamanatala ay kailangan namin mag antay ng panibagong bus….d nila sinoli ang pamasahe kasi magabono daw sila at walamg jam na dumating. need to transfer to alps…malinis na bus at accomodating. This is an old bus company so everybody should know how to handle such situation…nakakairita..

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