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Is it safe? and Best way to travel from Manila to San Antonio

Posted by on Aug 3rd, 2009
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Bill Riley : 50 years ago I was in the Marine Corps and stationed at a military base near San Antonio, about 45 miles from Subic. I think the Philippine Army took over the base after the Americans left. Ever since my wife and I have been married I have been telling her about how beautiful the PI is! The people were always gracious and we got along very well. Many felt comfortable enough to tell me about their experiences during World War II. I know many things have changed in 50 years. I would like to show my wife your country’s beauty. Would it be safe to travel from Manila to San Antonio? What would be the best way to travel to San Antonio? Thanks, in advance, for your advice.

Thanks a lot.


Editor addon

Ryan:Hi Bill,
Traveling to San Antonio (Zambales) is safe and easy. Please check my Zambales article for your reference. The best way I would reckon is you hire a car and a driver at any of the licensed car agencies in any of the top hotels. It is a bit expensive but it is the most convenient. If you have to self-drive, you may have to purchase a road map in advance. There are buses that go to Zambales as well but they have a lot of stops (and could be a great hassle especially traveling, and I hope you don’t take this as an offense, with your age). Zambales is generally safe- never had much of a problem there except the usually overpriced prices and appalling quality of accommodations in most midrange to budget hotels/resorts- but like any destinations, a good dose of common sense goes a long way.
You also may want to go check Palawan (check out the Coron article) or Bohol. If you and your wife loves nature then you would certainly love it. Boracay is also a good catch of course and if you are willing to really go for nice mountains, great culture and good food – then Sagada is my best pick – the only drawback is the 12 hour drive up – but the scenery is nothing short of spectacular. You may also want to see the Walled City of Manila (Intramuros) and the American Cemetery at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City. The Ilocos provinces in the north are quite pretty as well. Check out those articles here in our pages and hope it helps you deciding the best way to see and experience the Philippines.
Cheers and I hope you guys will have a great time. Let us know when you are coming so maybe we could give you a few more tips.

Editor addon

Ryan:And yeah, I almost forgot – a day trip to Corregidor Island off Manila is a must – with its extensive historical ties to American and Filipino stand against the Japanese during the last World War. Check out the Corregidor article on our pages. Cheers!

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