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How to get from Tacloban to San Rafeal Farm in Babatngon

Posted by on Jun 10th, 2009
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Tiger: How exactly do you get from Tacloban to San Rafeal Farm in Babatngon? What are the options?


Editor addon

Ryan: Hi Tiger, Please call these numbers to contact San Rafael Farm. Apparently it is about 20-30minutes drive from Tacloban: 0063.53.325.0729 or 0063.918.669.9909 or 0063.915.920.0325
The farm is at Brgy. Pagsulhugon, Babatngon.


Tiger: yeah i have the number there, i was just hoping that someone who had been there could comment on their experience. nevermind.


Editor addon

Ryan: Oh no, I haven’t been there yet, but I thought your question was how to get there and since no one so far has answered your question and I wasn’t able to find out the details – I settled the next best thing and posted their contact details so you can contact them directly instead. Leyte, So. Leyte and Eastern Samar is on my visit list, once I visit the place, I would be able to share my experiences like I usually do with my other articles (the Leyte article was written by one of our other writers – Roz).
From what I have read from the other blogs, that farm seemed nice relaxed (although a bit too manicured from what I can see) and at least a couple of the blogs were raving about the food. If you decided to visit the farm ahead of me, please do not hesitate to post your review on the Leyte article. Thanks!

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One Response to “How to get from Tacloban to San Rafeal Farm in Babatngon”

  1. kaye says:

    hey. I’ve been to rafale’s farm. it’s really pretty there. to go there you could take a van ride or a jeepney ride. a jeepney ride costs 20 php much cheaper than taking a van which is 35php. but then it will take you a while after the jeepney to go. you can find these rides in the old terminal. it is a very relaxing place. you should book before you go there especially during the week ends. delicious food. :D

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