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How safe are the ferries in Philippines ?

Posted by on Nov 13th, 2009
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Cheryl: Hi guys, I’ll be going to Philippines in a couple of weeks time for vacation. I don’t have a fixed traval route, but I do intend to go as many places as possible. I’ve read that ferries are used as one of the main transportation in Philippines, and that’s my prefered mode of transport. However, I’ve also read of the numerous accidents involving with ferries recently, so my question is how safe are the ferries? Should i just stick to the main companies “Superferry” & “Supercat” ?

Cheryl, London


Editor addon

Ryan: Let me greet you first with an advanced welcome to these islands! That is true that ferries are still one of the most accessible forms of transport in the Philippines (the country being an archipelago of 7,107 islands!). Superferry, Supercat has the best reputations so far, but that is not really saying much either. Superferry had a major accident last September with about 900 saved and 9 dead. By experience, on the other hand, these two has the best and most comfortable accommodations. Never ride a Sulpicio Lines boat as they are very notorious for being floating coffins with so many lives already lost. We really wonder why they are still in business.
If you can help it, travel by plane, they are faster, convenient and if you book in advance, the fare difference between a ferry and a plane isn’t that big a deal.

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2 Responses to “How safe are the ferries in Philippines ?”

  1. Api says:

    Hi! I have experienced riding the Pasig River Ferry earlier this month. It was a good experience. The cabin is airconditioned and is equipped with an LCD TV. You’ll pass by along the Pasig River and Malacanang Palace. It is like a tour in a way.. :-)

    Although the ferry has restrooms, you may still find yourselves struggling in comfort as you sit in it’s plastic chairs. There is quite a number of stops so travel time needs to be stretched a little. I have a picture of the Ferry’s interior at my flickr photostream:

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