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How is the weather during September in Manila and Baguio

Posted by on Sep 11th, 2009
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Steven : My friend and i from Singapore will be going to Manila and Baguio on 02-13 September.
How is the weather during September in Manila and Baguio?
Any heavy rain or typhoon in Baguio?
We plan to stay 4 days in Manila and go Calaocan BAMBANG and tour Banaue Rice Terraces and stay few days there.

Thanks and Best Regards


Editor addon

Ryan: Hi Steven,
Like what I would always tell other travelers, weather can be really fickle these days and lately, we get typhoons even in the middle of summer! Weather in Manila is a hit or miss, and depending if there is a typhoon in the Pacific, that storm system would usually move northwest to the direction of HK and Taiwan and Baguio is not usually spared. If I am not mistaken there is a direct bus from Manila to Banawe without having to pass through Baguio (seriously, skip Baguio, it’s not worth it, too polluted, and rather charmless and a main example of bad and unchecked urban planning).
Banawe has extensive rice terraces but if you got time, you may trek to Batad and or Mayoyao instead as the area is less commercialised than Banawe. From Banawe you may take the jeepney to Bontoc and then onto Sagada and the scenery along the way is nothing short of stunning.
However, do have a plan B. When a storm system is approaching, you may have to abandon your plans of going up north as landslides are fairly common. Last month if I am not mistaken, there were at least 7 landslides in Ifugao alone where Banawe is located. But if the weather is particularly awesome, dude, that area is gonna take your breathe away.
Cheers and let me know what your plans are (including Manila – I could tell you which places to go and avoid.).

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