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Genesis Transport Services Bus

Posted by on Apr 27th, 2009
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Genesis Transport Services Bus

Genesis Transport Services Bus Passengers Terminals

Unit 101 A Giselle Park Plaza Edsa Corner Rotonda 1300 Pasay City

Genesis Transport Services Bus Destinations

Balanga, Mariveles in Bataan Province, Baler in Aurora Province, Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija Province, Baguio City in Benguet Province

Telephone Number: Cubao (02) 4211413 Pasay (02) 8533115

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37 Responses to “Genesis Transport Services Bus”

  1. steven says:

    i have travelled on many buses while in the Philippines , i have to say the most enjoyable is the Genesis buses , they have a quality of care and concern for the traveler as well as for the locals , the buses are well maintained and have a staff to who you can ask and receive excellent support due to the quality of training given by the company , i recommend any one to travel on these buses ,

    • morissens werner says:

      i go since e long time to the philippines for my vacation there ,en my place ar mariveles Bataan .since i go there i always take genesis bus en its e good en perfect service !!!! kind ,friendly, en helpfull en they have very very good drivers !! You will see when you take the zig zag going to mariveles its e real experience !!! but when you are e foriner en you ask them to drop you on e place they bring you exactly to the place where you want to be.Also they give you all the information what you like to know meanwhile your driving !!!!for me the Genisis buses nr 1.!!!
      maramang salamat po !!!!

  2. Ferdinand Joseph Castro says:

    I may have to disagree about your opinions about Genesis buses.

    I’ve had the worst travel experiences with these bus lines as we’ve been robbed a couple of times and don’t forget the numerous accidents they’ve been having.

    And on one occasion (from Tarlac to Dau) I paid the bus conductor 500 pesos and waited for my change. They didn’t.

    I filed a complaint at the main office and all I got was a shrug and “Hayaan niyo na po yun. Baka abangan lang kayo ng kunduktor sa labas.” (Forget it. The conductor might just wait for you outside.)

    Was that a threat or what?

    • miggy says:

      ano ho ang main website of genesis inc? me too, had the worst experience ever, they were like choosing passengers, they`re service is not fair!! nasa pila ako para makasakay and i was so eager to sit first b`cus paunahan sa upuan, ung linya super haba, then suddenly yung walang modong kondoktor nagpasakay ng hindi nmn nakapila, we were all shocked and asked why the heck he did that, ayaw nia kong pasakayin, inaway pa nia ko, di sila fair..pasahero ako, empleyado lang cia, dapat pinakikitunguhan kami ng maayos, ngbabayad kami ng maayos! hinamon pa nia ko ng suntukan, minura pa nia ko, eto ang bus number nia – 8144

  3. Kyle says:

    I travel from my hometown in Tarlac to Avenida in Recto twice a week (Friday nights and Sunday afternoons). I enjoy riding on the Genesis buses but sometimes the buses do not follow a particular time frame that on one event I even waited for the bus for 4 long hours.

    On one ocassion, I rode on the same bus within the span of two weeks. The bus conductor recognized me and talked to me. We had a nice conversation. At times, there are also bus conductors who are forgetful and inconsiderate.

  4. Ryan says:

    Genesis Phone Number- just an update – (02) 8533115

  5. steven says:

    hi all . im not a defendant of genesis , i don’t think it need to be defended , all i can say is how i was treated with respect on the bus , i have used the company to travel to and from Manila to cabanatuan , to baler , to tarlak , and on a regular basis , and even have asked for transportation of items , i have never once had any problem , yes buses do break down or run late coz of landslides and maybe even accidents , that’s life , and as much as i would like perfection of any transport service , it never can be perfect , i have been on buses not genesis that have been travelling at speeds that are really dangerous , once me and my girlfriend was on a competitor of genesis , travelling so fast when it hit a bump in the road we both hit our heads on the roof of the bus , she was hit so hard it bruised her head , so i will carry on using the service of genesis rather than the competitor , Filipino friendship is good at worst and perfect at best , so maybe instead of ignorance and intolerance, a better way is to talk to them instead of demanding from them , i have left money with on conductor and forgot about it , in my next run he seen me and gave it back , so like i said , i speak as i find , and i found them to be very helpful and looked after me , hope more will use and leave feed back here , oh by the way i am a foreigner , so easy to have been taken advantage of , but never once has this happened .

  6. Sheryl says:


    Cubao (02) 4211413
    Pasay (02) 8533115

  7. Scrapy Coco says:

    I have had experiences with Genesis Transport. Their fare is quite cheaper than Victory Liner; but let’s say for travels like Baguio, I would prefer Victory Liner. Genesis’ seating capacity is 53 as to Victory is to 49 (others 45). Legrooom and space is where your money goes. Besides, the Victory’s stopovers offers good food. Lastly, their drivers don’t seem to be in a hurry all the time.

    But if you are from Avenida, Genesis is way better than its competitor Philippine Rabbit. Genesis Transport’s buses are actually good and well maintained. The problem is that it’s seating capacity and SPACE (Specially if you’re above 5’5″)

  8. CHRISTINA says:

    February 24, 2010

    #101 Giselle Park Plaza EDSA cor. Rotunda Pasay City

    For years I have travelled so many times going to Manila and back to Bataan using Genesis Bus. Now, I’m staying in Pampanga and still I enjoyed the quality on maintained buses and some are even new buses aside from the courteous service provider running the Genesis Bus Company. But just this morning at around 8am, contrary to my usual travel experience, I encountered a rude Bus Conductor named Mr. Ronaldo Liwanag of Bus Body No. 818312 and Plate No. UVA 469. With placard going Pasay since I was going to Tri-noma, West Ave Bus Stop, while at North Expressway and 1 hour had passed I reminded Mr. Liwanag of my change for P500 in the amount of P355 from Prado Siongco. Anyway, he answered me just like the way he answered the other Genesis patron the impolite way as if he was having a bad day and taking it on the passengers saying “Hindi ko kakalimutan sukli mo, mahal ko trabajo ko”. Before me, one even said that if the compartment was secure enough and he bluntly answered “alam ko trabajo ko”. Knowing that he would do unnecessary comments, I just tried ignore him and felt that he should be reported for unbecoming conduct. Hoping that he will be reprimanded regarding this matter.


  9. Rachel says:

    Hi, I was a passenger of Genesis Transit yesterday from Cubao terminal to Golangco, we departed at about 6pm. I left my newly bought P1 Cherry mobile cp at the 4th or 5th row (right side), it was in a small white plastic. I would like to know if there’s any way to retrieve it as it was not mine, and i travelled all throughtout cubao from pampanga just to buy it, unfgortunately I was with my child and the package was left on where we were sitted. According to my ticket, the bus number was 1805 or 1806 (it was punched between 5 & 6). The conductor was courteous, he even helped me with my child, so I am positive that he would return the item if he finds it.

  10. John says:

    perfect bus going to baler.. but the thing is only one trip from baler to manila departure at 7am in the morning! :)

  11. Malu S. Tamondong says:

    Indeed it is very unfortunate that my first trip from Baguio to Manila was a total disappointment. It is just now that I found my ticket bearing no. 817266A dated May 4,2010. This was the day my son enrolled at UP Baguio. When we left Gov.Pack the conductor insisted that my daughters bag ( medium size laminated sack back) containing her personal effects bought from the night market amounting to more than P3K be placed at the baggage compartment “estribo”. When we arrived in aurora Cubao, the driver kept nagging the conductor not to allow the passengers to descend the bus because it is prohibited just the same the conductor of genesis bus with plate number (partial) 544 eh astig. Grabe when we asked him about our baggage ” he said nawawala ba? ” and ascend the bus without telling us that he should be sorry for what happened. His blatant rudeness caused my daughter emotional depression. Had I found the ticket earlier I should have sued the company for the arrogant attitude of said conductor. Your HR should always be trained to be pleasant because your business is service and its really disappointing to experience what we had last May 4..

  12. RAY SILVER says:

    Buses good the drivers and conductors good but rest stop in Tarlac fit for animals and the staff there lazy and rude and the toilets how can people here take these kind of gag and puke CR’S The rest stop going up the mountain fit for pigs

  13. Hans says:

    I still prefer VICTORY LINER than genesis.
    Don’t bargain your comfort, safety & security when travelling.

  14. Anthony says:

    I’ve been having doubt in commuting through a bus for I can’t keep out of my mind of what happened last Monday to innocent tourists…I was hoping that I will or the bus that I’m gonna ride tomorrow won’t be hostaged by depressed fired police officers or worse than that an “INSANE” one…very traumatic!!!

  15. Stephen says:

    I am a British National and have lived in the Philippines for over 12 years.

    I have just started using Genesis travelling from San Fernando La Union to Manila I found the Bus’s very clean the staff very polite and helpful I am told by a friend of mine that there is a shuttle service from the Depot to the Airport ( is there a service available from Airport to their Depot) why isn’t this advertised even a poster on the bus or at their break stops, getting information seem’s to be one of the major problems in the Philippines and yet it could be so simple.

    Keep up the good work Genesis I will definitely recommend you when ever I can.

  16. Daylin yutuc says:

    I arrived 3.30am at Limay and I am very displeased on a conductor of Genesis Transport (Mariveles), coz my fare has been tricked this day 31st of December from 2 tickets of 231php each which is in total 462php to 564php, a difference of 102php, a small amount to others but this act is truly I condemn. To that conductor, be ashame, I think you should be a snatcher to reveal yourself and not hiding in your purely white polo shirt. From now on Genesis Transport no more

  17. Myles says:

    Im delighted that there.’s another bus line going to La Union. But to my dismay trying their bus. First,the conductor keep on asking passengers if they have already was like a minute ago were i just gave my fare and yet he forgets!what a poor memory.he should be attentive. 2nd,the bus is so wasnt cleaned before travelling.3rd,the conductor had let a passenger bring along a pet-chicken! He had let the smell of chicken mixed in the aircon.very filthy.4th,the conductor is disorganized.he just let big bags,the pet-chicken blocked the aisle so it’ s very difficult to pass so disappointed wth this bus line.

  18. sonny Deguzman says:

    I used Genesis bus for almost 10 years now to commute from Balanga to D. Jose Avenide, Mln. I don’t experience any rude conductor. I always carried 100 pesos bill but not 500 or 1,000.

  19. Ms. De Guzman says:

    i ride genesis buses twice a day and 6 day’s a week, kilala ko n lahat ng emplayo sa cabanatuan terminal…kahit nali late ako..naghihintay pa rin ako ng genesis na bus..naging loyal ako sa genesis to the point na kapag na shoshort ang konduktor at nasakay ako..pinapahiram ko ng pera..kapag sinasbi nila na nagugutom na sila..ako n mismo ang bumibili ng pagkain para sa kanila…kahit kapag nangungutang sila ng pera for there personal needs nagpapahiram din ako…kahit matagal nila binabayaran… titxt ko sila kapag madami ng pasahero sa lugar kung saan ako nagaabang…to the point na hindi n ako sumasakay sa ibang bus kahit saan ako pumunta..basta’t my rirecommend ko rin ang genesis to all my co workers specially to my family…sobrang nadisapoint ako sa driver na si Ferdie Balmeo with bus# 156, imbestigahan nyo yang driver nyo na yan…mapanganib yan..sisirain nya company nyo….madaming ginagawa yan na nakakadisapoint sa genesis….konteng rispeto nmn sa mga’ pasahero…ayaw kung masira yung loyalty ko with in your company dahil sa 1 driver nyo n walang modo..sana magawan nyo ng action eto.wag nyong hayaan na dumami pa yung mturnoff sa here at cabanatuan -pampanga…konte lang ang pasahero d2..tapos lilipat pa sa iba…sayang…genesis pa nmn is 1 of the biggest transportation here at the phillipines…sayang kung si2rain lang ng 1 driver nyo ang pangalan nyo…thank you

  20. Saalaaad says:

    @ Miles
    Maybe he’s new and what I can say about this matter is ” Maarte ka lang ” if you are talking this matter around that date, It’s already peak season, you can’t ignore passengers who wants to go home to their families and have a pleasant holidays with them, you know, I feel sorry for you.

  21. RamDaMan says:

    Avenida, Sta. Cruz Terminal – 733-8622

  22. ecy says:

    I’m a regular passenger of genesis bus transport going to baler..but it’s my first time to try to get the trip going to casiguran even i’m just until baler. I have no complaints with regards to the buses and road trips of genesis. But i have very serious complain regarding the attitude of the security guards of the transport in cubao terminal, specially the one i argue with today, March 6, 2011..I’ll try to get a snap on his name later, after getting a sit in the bus. At this moment, i’m sitting here in the terminal sit and doing this comment message. hope this can reach the management attention. Thank you

  23. frequent traveller says:

    i ride genesis when going to pampanga, when going to avenida, and got no issues with the driver/attendant or the bus itself.

    in my latest ride, i went to cubao, while we were in tarlac my 3/4 filled C2 litro rolled into the driver’s seat when the driver suddenly hit the brake, the driver picked up my C2 and threw it in the middle of the road. if he considered that to be garbage, there was a garbage bin just beside him. i really wanted to confront him but i want to keep my cool and don’t want any negative emotion inside my system (as i was on my way to a poker tournament).

  24. lancer says:

    Genesis bus sometimes has good and new units and there are some instances that you got the oldest one.

  25. Jun3rdy says:

    Fastest bus to Baguio with only one stop over and quality service as much as i experience.

  26. k says:

    because of the attitudes of some of the conductors of genesis buses many are angry with genesis

  27. kaye says:

    i am a regular passenger of genesis but i had a bad time riding in genesis bus this moment at exactly 9pm of this day june 1, 2011 because the conductor(genesis bus with a bus number 81806) is so rude so i hope the management will do something about this…i would suggest that that conductor will be send to a seminar about how to deal with its passengers..thank you

  28. Ann says:

    They have a very poor communication of their dispatch time as the conductors and guards at the stop over cannot give us definite answers. It was very frustrating! Ang dami naming transferee from balanga to mariveles…only to find out na tatayo ka lang sa next bus.

    Kulang din sa holiday preparation ang transpo na to. Will never ride genesis again!

  29. Jo says:

    Good day!

    Would anyone know if Genesis bus allows pets i.e. medium-sized and to dogs in their trips going to Olongapo?

    Thank you.

  30. Jeremy D. dacles says:

    I used to visit Baguio atleast 4x in a year. Havent tried genesis bus yet but im planning to take the bus this month instead of taking Victory liner. Im still hoping that I could get excellence service from them.

  31. Jun Magsino says:

    I need to file a complaint against the Genesis Bus with body number 818287.

    October 31, 2012: My wife and I traveled from Pampanga to Baguio. We had 5 baggages which were placed in the compartment of the bus by the conductor. When we reached Baguio, 3 of the baggage were missing: 1 guitar, 1 big bag with clothes, 1 pair of sony active speakers, 2 shure mics inside, and 1 box (30pcs) coconut jam which we just purchased for the one who ordered. The conductor felt guilty for he was the one who placed the baggage inside. He gave us his number, told us to wait for a call from the company for an agreement. We waited for the call for 3 days but not a single one was received. We then called the conductor and told him he has to pay for the baggage if he can’t bring the lost things back. He refused to do so. He said that his wife just had a baby so he needs money. That may be valid but what about my family? Those things that were missing are my materials for my job and I need them badly for a living.
    I then called the company to ask for an advice on what could be the solution for it. They told me that they will send the report to the legal department and wait for another call. I waited for the call for a week but there was no call at all. I filed a complaint in their website but there was never a response from the company. I had to travel to Baguio then just to have an update on this issue. I went to the exact office on November 11, Sunday around 2P.M.
    Unfortunately, the dispatcher said that the head is not around, so they had to take down the issue again, and let the legal department know it again, and have their lawyer be informed about the issue. They told me to come back. I came back the next day, (Monday) and they told me again that their lawyer is not around, that I will wait for their call if he’s already there. I had to go home then and had to wait for that call. BUT THEN AGAIN, UNTIL NOW, NOVEMBER 23, 2012, THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL THAT MY FAMILY AND I ARE WAITING, IS STILL NOT COMING. It’s really sad to know that they don’t respond to these issues promptly. I need those things back for my family. How can we live without them?
    What now is the best thing to do about this issue? We badly need an answer to this. Thanks.

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