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Florida Bus Transport Contact Enquiry

Posted by on Sep 11th, 2009
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Richard Gorman :Aloha Ryan,
I am part of a 18 person group that will be traveling from Manila to Tabuk April/2010. On our last tour to the same location, we used “Florida Transport” for our bus transportation. They had a beautiful luxury sleeper, with an express service from Manila to Tuguegarao. I found their website, but wanted their current email. The one on the website is not in service.
Could you email me their current email address, or give me a comparable bus company’s email, who serves the same route with the same luxury express sleeper buses? I want to make sure that when we arrive in Manila, we will be able to all have seats on the same bus, and not have to waste valuable time waiting for arrangements to be made.


Editor addon

Ryan: Hey Richard,
Wow, I was planning of doing the same thing too but just a little bit different. We were planning of flying in to Tuguegarao then work our way down to Tabuk, then head over to Sagada and Bontoc down to Banawe and Batad and then worm our way out to possibly Baguio or we will go straight down back to Manila. I called up Florida Transport and as of the moment they do not have an email (as what the lady advised me) but you may be able to reach these numbers – Reservations- +63.2.7433809 or this alternative number +63.2.7815894 or their office in Tuguegarao – +63.78.8462265. Their Manila office does not know of any email addresses at all (and I doubt it if there is any that is of actual at all). I will be going back up to Sagada in October so I should be able to check in some other buses for you guys to ride. ;)

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6 Responses to “Florida Bus Transport Contact Enquiry”

  1. marcial says:

    there is a way of solution for the reservation in the florida bus,during peak season they will open the reservation for a week or a month if it is a long vacation but for ordinary days 2 days before the departure date will be accomodated ,for those who can’t connect w/ the landline to the main office,if it is going to banaue ,we can assist anyone provided that we will be also the one to handle your tour in banaue but that is case to case basis.we love to hear from you for your problem.

  2. iona ebanreb says:

    i am a regular commuter of gv florida nomally riding the super de luxe from gonzaga to sampaloc , manila . there were several instances that i have to endure travelling with the reclining seat that slides backward even if i pull it up in its upward position . can management do something about it ? this is most common in the single seats nos. 3 and 6 . better still management can check the seats on a regular basis since once we reserved we will be stuck in that kind of seat for the entire trip of 12 hours .

  3. Mary says:

    lastweek (06/10/11)., im one of the passengers of florida bus line, i go home every month to visit my family and relatives in ilocos, i always chose florida because of the fare that was so cheap, and you will be riding a nice, clean bus and you would really comptable during the long hours of travel. But the last time i went home, i really had a very very very bad experience with one of the bus, conductor (not so much) and especialy the bus driver. From the terminal., we ride on the bus with number F10., and we have exited balitwak and all of the sudden, the aircon broke off, (real hot inside the bus), we did travel till we reached NLEX., the driver said will just travel upto tarlac stop over, then they will look for another bus, who has spare seats for us passeners to transfer with (because of the aircon that broke off), we didnt even reach stop over in tarlac, be ause the bus who left terminal an hour after uswas already behind us so we stooped along expressway and transffered there even ifts its already fully loaded., that we are already standing in the center, they assured us tyat they will look for anothe bus where we can transfer again and have sits where we can sit in., driver and conductors took their snacks/dinner., and after that, they just then informed us that theyll be going, and we passengers who just took a hitch with them, that was given assurance fromthem to look for another bus to ride with will just stay there, by ourselves, and wait for another buses from manila, i was so disapponited and upset, frustrated, i paid the right amount but that was the service i got from them that night (12midnight). I talk to the conductor and he said that we are not their responsibility (bu__sh_t!), you think is not? I asked them what were going to do there, sit and wait for a bus untill what time? there were 3 buses areived that time and its all loaded., novacant sits. What more the other bus? so i asked them to just give back oyr money and will just look for a diffbus (not florida), but they said they hqve no rules like that (what???!), understood, but theyre responsibilty is to look a bus that has vacant sits for us before them going back on the road. anu, unahan kme sa pgsalubing sa paparating na bus to check if there are vacant sits? i was already freaking out that night, the drivereven said center sit nlng kme, tiis nlng…gosh! Ngbayad k ng tama then tatravel k ng hindi comportable?! what the hell!!!! i dizzy and sleepy that night coz i gacebt gitten sny slerp yet from work then gnun ang mngayare skin sa byahe ko? I paid the right amount, i di have the right to travel safe and comptable peri gnun ang gusto ng driver???! Come on! one o the passenger asked for their name and id’s, but the conductor they dont have id’s, and dont even want to give their names, so i said, malaking bus compnay, provincial bus ang inooperate nyo, wla kayo id? what are they afraid off? Getting fired? Finnaly one bus came with one vacant sit, we got in there, they priorities us because um with mt sis and my son snd niece…when my sister yook our stuff from the compartment, he heard the driver said “SBUNUTAN” mo na, so my dister asked, who??? He just said, the conductor ( the driver didnt noticed that my suster was there beside him), and the woed he said was for me because i was realky freaking out. we even trie takng picture of the driver but he was really hifing his face., but we got one picture of the conductor. On thr 3rd bus where we transfered, my sister and niece sat on the conductor sit for almost 2hrs untill someone finaly said para..

    I really want to file a cpmplaint against the driver and conductor and even the inspector who was just there sutting and checking on dome papers in a kubo…

    Thing like thus happened to my sister from a diff bus, but they didnt left them bdhind without aecuring their passengers to get a nice and safe bus to tranfer and travel with too ilocos…

    Bus number with an arrogant driver and conductor ( not that much arrogant, he seems he dont know wht to do that night) is 292.

    Very bad experonce, i will nO longer ride on FLORIDA BUS!

    • marcial says:

      sorry for that experience but anyway, we can not please everybody especially on a long trip but sometimes you have to understand during peak season there is no way to just pull some buses from the terminal, especially the problem is the aircon,the mechanism of the motor is a chips so you dont know when it will be broke.

  4. Lily Ramos says:

    last saturday February 23, 2013, we went to Florida terminal near UST to make a reservation for my 16 year old niece who is going back to Ballesteros, Cagayan for today, February 24, 2013 at 4:45 pm. they don’t offer discounts for students, so I paid a regular fare of Php750.00 to block the sit number that my niece chose. Since my niece have this “byahilo” syndrome, she chose the sit near the window at the driver’s side. I accompanied my niece inside the bus and made sure she is comfortable in her sit before I go home, but it made me furious when I heard from her mom that she was transferred on the back of her reserved seat and on the aisle part where it made her more dizzy just because there’s this couple who doesn’t want to seat separately. So I called my niece to verify how did it happen, she said ” tita! basta na lang kinuha ang mga gamit ko at inilipat sa likod kahit dipa ako pumapayag.” It made me really furious because we have a paid reservation and yet the bus “konduktor” transferred her without my niece’s approval. I ask her put her phone to the bus “konduktor” so I can talk to him but my niece is so dizzy to stand. We called their office also to complain and we’re told that they will call the bus “konduktor”. Hope the management will do something to DISCIPLINE this bus employee!!

  5. Ann onymous says:

    I dont have any complain on the bus but i had a very frustating experience on their tracking services. Im from batac ilocos norte. I had a package from cubao. That package was actually registered, waybill was paid. The sender was not aware of what time the bus left cubao, she presumed that its the 330 pm bus.
    Dialogue between me and batac dispatcher went this way.

    Me: goodmorning mam, kunin ko po sana package, pinadala po kahapon galing cubao, eto po waybill number ko

    Dispatcher: (tumingin sa log book) wala, baka d napadala
    Me: eto nga po may waybill pinadala po dito batac, wala po b paraan n mahanap package at eto po yung waybill?
    Dispatcher: (turned her back at me) wala nga e, d mahahanap kung d mo alam kung anong bus.

    I then left the station then call the sender kung what time umalis bus, sabi e 3 pm the day ahead. Bumalik ako station after an hour

    Me: mam 3 pm daw umalis bus cubao
    Dispatcher:( stares at me then turn her back) wala sa bus, andito p n yung 3 pm n bus kahapon.
    Me:( nagpanic) e di ibig mong sabihin nawala package ko?
    Dispatcher: dalawa tayong tumingin di ba e wala naman.
    me: e anong gagawin nyo? Bayaran nyo yun
    dispatcher: e wala nga e.
    Me: d mo b tatawagan at baka naligaw sa laoag o kung saan?
    dispatcher: balik k n lang ulit mamaya hapon

    Imagine kung gaano kalaking abala gagawin nila. Buti sana kung d nagbayad tao para lng mapadala package. Sa susunod, wag n lang sila naniningil sa mga waybill kung d naman nila kay yung responsibility ng tracking nila.

    hope the management will read this. Napakaarrogant nung ngbabantay sa batac branch nyo, i just wish palitan n lng siya, she doesnt know what she’s doing!

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