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Five Star Bus Company

Posted by on Apr 13th, 2009
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Five stars Bus

FiveStar is one of the leading bus companies in the Philippines, servicing routes to Pangasinan and provinces of North Central Luzon, which include the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Tarlac and Northern Zambales.

Five Star Bus Company Passengers Terminals

#674 EDSA, Cubao, Quezon City, Tel # 421-4716 to 17 & 911-7359

#222 Tramo St., Pasay City Tel. # 833-4772, 851-6659, 851-6613 to 14

Tel. # (044) 463-2461

Tel. # (075) 522-5542

San Carlos
Tel. # (075) 532-3620

Tel. # (075) 551-4428

Tel. # (075) 554-4013

Five Star Bus Company Destinations

DAILY TRIPS to Cabanatuan / Dagupan / Tayug / San Fabian / San Carlos / Alaminos / Agno / Anda / Bolinao

List of Bus Companies in Luzon region

Complete guide on bus companies in Luzon region

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17 Responses to “Five Star Bus Company”

  1. MARIO CAMBA says:



    • REXEL CASTRO says:

      EFFECTIVE JUNE 8, 2009 TILL JUNE 21, 2009.



  2. Elpidio Garcia Jr. says:

    wow, this is good news for all patrons of fivestar. i never thought that the management is serious in providing excellent customer service.

    considering fivestar is a big company in bus lines, i always expect excellent service. i had one not-so-good experience with one of its conductors where he don’t want me to unload in ayala bus station due to slow moving city buses. good thing, a ticket inspector came and i made a complain to him.

    the conductor was caught of guard and don’t know what to say. i also added that he doesn’t even have an ID pinned! the ticket inspector assured me that as long as it is a designated bus stop and the driver/conductor don’t want me to get off the bus, i can phone the management and file a complain.

    kudos to the management for putting this blog. hopefully, there will be an official fivestar website with its own domain name.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Mr. Garcia,

      Just an important correction, this is not a Five Star Bus Company blog nor we are affiliated with the company in any way. But great job as well as being a vigilant commuter/citizen.



  3. christopher says:

    Good Day!
    I am a weekly passenger of Five-star bus from Mangaldan, Pangasinan and get off at Munoz, Quezon City. The fare is 276 pesos for more than a year now. I take an early morning trip and I usually catch the bus number 95111. I noticed that the driver is permanently assigned with the bus while the conductors are regularly rotated. Until last March 1, the new conductor assigned at bus number 95111 is charging me 282 pesos. I told him that I normally pay 276 pesos. He arrogantly insisted that its 282 pesos so I payed 282 pesos. The next week, March 8, I again took the same bus number 95111. The same conductor is again charging me 282 pesos. This time I brought with me my recent tickets and showed him that the fare for my trip is 276 pesos. So I was charged 276 pesos. He was visibly upset because I have checked his wrongdoing. I suspect that this conductor is running after a higher commission that’s why he would unceremoniously increase the fare to increase his commission. I thought the management of five star bus should know about this scheme of some conductors. I suggest that a table of fares should be posted inside the bus. And I also suggest that their employees should wear a bigger ID with visible names so that passengers would have easy time in identifying them whenever they have complaints. And lastly, I hope five star bus would open a line from Quezon City going back to San Fabian, Pangasinan but this time via Manaoag so that I would no longer be taking another bus company (which has stinking bus units which annoys passengers but the good thing is it is plying the route via Manaoag so passengers reluctantly take this other bus company because the travel time going to Mangaldan is shorter compared to when the trip is via Dagupan) when going back to Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Thank you.

  4. R. Puno says:

    Yes, glad to see at least one bus liner in the Phils who cares about the safety of its passengers and other motorist. I wish other companies would take these matters as seriously. I’ve rode Five Star going Manila to Tarlac and Manila to Pangasinan many times. I have always felt safe while on board. I have also observed the buses while driving my own passenger vehicle on NLEX. Unlike some other companies, Five Star drivers seem to be following the driving rules (i.e. staying in the bus lane, observing speed limit, etc.) and do not create an unnecessary danger to other vehicles.

    Cheers to Five Star for operating a truly 5star bus line and listening to their customers.

  5. Christopher says:

    five star bus company has a fleet of best maintained buses in the industry. its always comfortable to travel in its bus units. its terminals are also OK. but the problem lies time and again on its erring employees. sometimes its lack of courtesy. sometimes its lack of knowledge or ignorance. my wife had an annoying experience with the ignorance of the conductor of bus number 5056 from pangasinan to pasay. my wife told the conductor that she will alighting from the bus on the balintawak station of LRT. but the ignorant conductor insists that there is no LRT station in balintawak but rather its a MRT station. the conductor told my wife that the LRT line is in monument and that she should go there. the management of five star should educate its bus drivers and conductors on the correct identification of the landmarks in its route to avoid confusion to the passengers. they should know that the station in balintawak is operated by the LRT and not the MRT and is connected to monumento station going to baclaran. instead of helping passengers on the right directions they mislead passengers because of their ignorance of the identification of major landmarks in its route particularly along edsa where most passengers get down from the bus.

    • Rene Adiao says:

      The conductor was wrong alright–many people would think that all light rail train system which were erected after LRT 1 are called MRT–but the issue was whether a passenger could get off at balintawak LRT station. If one is sure about what he knew, then there is no point arguing with the conductor who is calluous, tired and worn out most of time, as long as getting off at a certain drop-off point is allowed by the MMDA.

  6. Lee'o says:

    For Mr. Christopher,

    Most probably they’re not aware of that station before, twas just opened that time. I also get off at Balintawak LRT station. The only problem there is that the conductor was arrogant as you said. And one more thing I think MMDA is not allowing provincial buses to unload passengers in Balintawak Market or Balintawak LRT station, they probably doing that (unloading passengers in Balintawak LRT station) as a courtesy…

  7. ernesto de leon says:

    Just had a very unpleasant trip back home to Manila from San Carlos city this A.M. of May 4, 2011 with my 3 girls aboard bus no. 7227. It was such a bumpy, rough ride due to the driver’s erratic driving style, i one can call it style! In street lingo perhaps he qualifies as barumbadong tsuper. The three girls had a terrible experience, nausea, non-stop vomiting and all because of the constant jerking, abrupt stops and and sudden braking of the bus. What made it worse is the very loud rock music on the stereo which, despite repeated requests through the conductor, the driver just ignored the pleas to turn the volume down. Yes, it seemed that the sound system/disco music/recording studio was meant for his entertainment alone, never mind the suffering passengers.

    Here’s requesting management to look into this and on other buses perhaps, for the sake of tired and weary passengers who just want peace and quiet while enjoying the sights along the way.

  8. ernesto de leon says:

    By the way, i forgot to mention that on the way to Pangasinan a week ago, we travelled via bus no. 747 and it was such a smooth, pleasant ride such that the girls did not go through the unpleasant “biyahilo” experience. Definitely it added to the thrill and sweetly anticipated rural vacation experience for the three girls. However, as described just previously all of the past week’s memories seemed to have been ruthlessly sideswiped. Ugh!!! grabe.

  9. Anna Fontanilla says:

    Dear Mr. De Leon,

    I am the HR Manager of Five Star Bus Co. Thank you very much for your feedback. We will immediately, take action on the crew of bus 7227. Rest assured that his actions are not a true reflection on our service.

    We are very happy that you and your daughters had a pleasant trip on bus 747. We will also commend our driver.

    For your other comments and suggestions, please feel free to check our facebook page.

    Anna Fontanilla

  10. Chris Visaya says:

    Just this morning (06/02/2011) I’ve called Cubao terminal and spoke to Mr. Warren. Very patient, courteous and accommodating.

  11. Anna Fontanilla says:

    Dear Mr. Visaya,

    Thank you for your positive feedback. We will share this with our team.


    Anna Fontanilla

  12. Ferdinand Galitane says:

    My only problem in my recent round trip from Tayug to Cubao is the volume of the music on the bus. It’s quite loud and actually got to the point where I started to develop a headache from the volume, as well as my mother changing her seat to where the music was not as loud.

    The affected bus number where this issue was present was 88102 travelling from Cubao Terminal to Dagupan via SCTEX/Luisita on March 19/2012 which left Cubao at around 3:50.

    Other than that, I would like to commend this company for having very clean A/C buses and for even putting WiFi on some of their buses.

  13. Aurora Pascua says:

    Going back to Manila is a hard part for me , I am not young anymore but still I have the got to travel every where, my first trip from Victoria, Tarlac going Manila is when I was told that there is a bus Five Star Going Manila. So I said perfect I did ask the conductor to stop me closes going to airport terminal 1, the driver and conductor are very kind enough and stop me and at the same time they call a taxi to drop me at the airport terminal 1 which I condemnly thanks for those help in need of time. This experience was so grateful for me to remember that Filipinos when they care for country mate they will do it purposely and intentionally with out doubt. Thanks you to the Five Star&&&&&&&&&

  14. erika ayongao says:

    this is the most unpleasant experience for me ever s fivestar bus company. for 8 years ive been one of your loyal customer. kahit sobrang mahaba ang pila and theres another way pra maka uwi ko from \cubao to cabanatuan i careless. bsta gusto ko s five star sumakay, malnis, maaus ok ung mga kundoktor at driver.

    until today this good customer service i enjoyed for 8 long years prang hnd ko man lng nakita sa employee nyo namely ROMMER DELA CRUZ FROM BUS NUMBER 996 FROM CUBAO TO CABANATUAN.

    this bus left cubao around 10 or past 10 in the morning 4/23/2013. nag bigay ng ticket yung kundoktor from the back seat papunta samin. im just sitting on the 3rd row from the driver. nung binigay nya ticket i told him to get my payment because im so tired and sleepy (take note this is the first time i made this request to your conductor) since i went home straight from work. he just ignored me and gave tickets to other passengers. when its time for him to get our payment i said “sabi ko n kasi kunin mo n knina” dahil kinailangan pa nya ko gisingin para lang s pamasahe na binibigay ko nmn na sana in ADVANCED!. in a very arrogant and RUDE MANNER HE ANSWERED BACK AND SAID ” HINDI KO HO KASALANAN KUNG INAANTOK KAYO!”

    i dont think its proper for him to say that considering that the favor i asked would do any harm to him or sa company. im not asking for free ticket. i was asking a favor in good faith he would understand and notice that i want to have a comfortable travel.
    i do understand that your company have process in doing things systematically. but i believe that for the company to prosper and grow, good facilities should be combined with BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. and the way he behave today is very UNACCEPTABLE FOR A CUSTOMER LIKE ME WHO IS USING THIS BUS ON WEEKLY BASIS.

    i know some of your drivers and conducters by face since i go home weekly and this is the first time ever that i had a VERY UGLY EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR PEOPLE. HOPEFULLY THE MANAGEMENT WILL LOOK INTO IT AND TRAIN THEIR PERSONNEL ABOUT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. i will make sure that this complait will be submitted in your office once i get back to manila on thursday.

    i cant tolerate this type of arrogance from one of your employee. i was expecting that your company holds to its believe that they provide safe trip and good customer service.

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