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Posted by on May 5th, 2009
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Due to the Philippines’s island nature, one of the easiest and cheapest way to travel inbetween the islands is by the commercial ferry service. Major ferry companies have vessels that will carry thousands of passengers, offer a wide variety of on-board accommodations (from bunk rooms to private cabins) and are well maintained.

There are many reasons to choose ferry over taking a flight :
• Taking the ferry is a more eco-friendly way to travel as choosing an alternative to flying is one way to greatly minimise your carbon footprint.
• Lower prices compared to air tickets, as ferries are lesser affected by rising fuel costs
• A ‘mini-cruise’ experience and great sea views (if you have the time to spend)
• Generous luggage limits

Major Ferry Companies

The WG&A is the largest Shipping Company in the Philippines which is the resultant of three amalgamated companies. The Company boasts of 10 super ferry and 2 ferry services, all from Manila to places like Coron, Ozamis, Tagbilaran and some other destinations. The departing terminal for the super ferry is pier 4 at North Harbor in Manila. For the ferries the point is pier 15 in the South Harbor.
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This forms apart of the WG&A Group and handles three ferries to Larena, Cebu, Tagbilaran, Dapitan, Calipan, Batangas. It covers ten ports and provides fifty trips in a day.
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Cebu Ferry
It is a service that runs it’s vessels to and from Cebu.
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Negros Navigation
This ferry service provides inter island transportation and Panay and Negros in Visayas. The company founded in 1932 has 7 vessels and covers destinations like Ozamiz, Zamboanga, Roxas, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, and Dumaguit.
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MBRS Lines
The ferry service provides transfer to Romblon and Panay from Manila. He fleet consists of five ships.
Sulpicio Lines Inc- The company came into existence in 1973 and consists of 17 vessels providing ferry services to Butuan, Cotabato, Baybay, Maasin, Naval, Kawayan, Maripipi, Estancia, Davao, Cebu and many more.
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EL Greco
The El Greco Jet Ferries Inc handles a fast ferry named Kristen which connects Manila with the economic zone of Bataan.
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5 Responses to “Ferry”

  1. BUTUAN TRAVEL says:

    This site is very comprehensive, keep up the good work. Explore the Philippines ~~

  2. Axel Armbruster says:

    We would like to travel from Manila to Ormoc in Leyte or close to Ormoc by ferry. Please advise which shipping line goes on this route.
    We do not want to go to Cebu and than up to Ormoc again.
    Best regards

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Axel,

      I am not sure if there are ferries sailing to Ormoc directly but you may check the information with Sulpicio Lines as it was listed that they head out to Ormoc-

      . Sulpicio Lines Inc.

      MANILA OFFICE: 415 San Fernando St, Binondo, Manila
      Tel Nos.: (02) 241-9701 to 07 241-9801 to 05
      CEBU MAIN OFFICE: Don Sulpicio Go Bldg Sulpicio Go St.,Reclamation Area, Cebu City
      Tel. Nos.: (032) 232-5361 to 80
      MANILA TERMINAL OFFICE: Pier 12, North Harbor, Tondo, Manila
      Tel Nos.: (02) 245-0616 to 30

      Other than that most ferries if not all ferries stops over Cebu before going there. I will try to check for more but as of now that’s the info that I can get.



    • Ryan says:

      Btw, I am not sure yet if the passenger ships of Sulpicio are still allowed to sail. They have very bad track record and have the most number of people dying due to their sinking ships. The company is under fire from last year’s sinking of Princess of the Stars off Sibuyan where at least 300 remain missing with 33 survived and about 400 confirmed dead.

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