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Eccentric Quirky Places in Manila

Posted by on Apr 13th, 2010
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Dheng Alayan: Hello! You have an amazing travel/tourism site here. Do you know some eccentric places here in Manila? Kind of out of this world. These could be shops/restos/bars, etc. Visiting these places might deviate me from the usual malls I’m usually going to. Thank you! :)


Editor addon

Ryan: Thanks for your really kind words… Actually there are quite a few of quirky and interesting places around Metro Manila. For one, I went to this artist enclave somewhere in Pasay (near Heritage Hotel) and when we drove inside – it was like I stepped back in time during the 1950s era. It was a small compound with 50s era houses, aging trees, and under the afternoon sunlight, it was just totally unbelievable! I forgot the exact location though. We have also heard of super-secretive restaurants tucked in nondescript buildings with no signs at all but just had the most mouthwatering steaks. I will try to come up a list sometime soon. (I have just a lot of travel guides coming up yet, so I will take a raincheck on that.).

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