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Coron Island and The Calamianes Islands

Posted by on Mar 29th, 2009
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Coron Island overview
Calamianes Islands

Coron Island, a part of the Calamianes group of islands in Philippine frontier of Northern Palawan, boasts a staggering array of magnificent seascapes, jaw-dropping scenery and world-class wreck diving – virtually a platter of adventure for the intrepid.

Coron Island is best known for the eight out of twelve Japanese supplies shipwrecks that were sunk by the United States Navy during a massive air bombing campaign during World War 2. These ships were sunk at depths of 10 to 43 meters and some of the wrecks are 160 meters in length, with most of the ships still intact (a dive at the Irako Wreck, a Japanese refrigeration ship reveals pots and pans in its galley.) The water is incredibly clear and perfect that you’d be able to spot different species of fish like the yellow fin tuna, groupers, scorpion fish and lionfish. Beautiful corals and more fish inhabit other wrecks like the Okikawa Maru, Akitsushima, Kogyo Maru, and the Olympia Maru amongst others. The best part of diving in Coron is that it is not overrun by tourists; it was so that Coron was considered as one of the world’s best kept secrets in wreck diving – the high concentration of wrecks in one area, the water quality, and the spectacular marine life puts Coron on top of any global diver or adventurer’s list..

Coron Island

But Coron is not just about diving; kayaking the Twin Lagoons (Big Lagoon (above) and Small Lagoon) is a must for a newbie to the area – one must kayak through a small hole which is only accessible during low tide to get from the Big Lagoon to the Small Lagoon. The water is fantastic- the lagoons are the meeting place of freshwater from the hills of Coron Island and saltwater coming in from the bay which makes an interesting mix.

Of the several lakes in Coron Island, only Barracuda and Kayangan lakes are open to visitors. The island is virtually protected by the native Tagbanua tribe (Coron Island is considered as part of their ancestral domain) and access to the other lakes is prohibited. Barracuda Lake (supposedly named after its resident barracuda) is another interesting dive spot, the water of the lake changes from cold to hot depending on the colour of the water in its depths. To get there, one must climb up towering limestone karsts for 15-20 minutes- in full gear. Ouch!

Coron Island Guide

Kayangan Lake (above) on the other hand – is more accessible, although the climb up the mountain can be a bit strenuous, it does afford a spectacular postcard perfect view of Coron Bay – literally. Kayangan has been honoured as one of the cleanest lakes in Asia, and for a reason. The lake is surrounded by more jungle clad-limestone karsts formations, and its water is so clear one can see the bottom for several meters from the surface.

Aside from the lakes, the dive sites, marine sanctuaries and the numerous secluded white-sand beaches that dot the area, there’s an excellent place to chill out after the day’s island hopping or dive. On the main island of Busuanga, one can ask your boatman (a day’s rent of the boat plus boatman usually costs around PhP2,000 if the hot springs are not included in your usual day tour package) to take you to Maquinit Hot Springs to relax tired muscles in almost scalding (okay maybe 40C) mineral water. It’s a natural hot spring and sits near the little mangrove forest. The cottages and the loo need a bit of repair and renovation though, and sometimes it is over-run by locals because it is the most accessible spot being nearby Coron town.

Coron Island Travel Guide

The island of Culion, a former leper colony, is also within the same area- and it does have that charming Pacific island village-like atmosphere and is steeped in the fairly recent history: sort of a place of exiles for people afflicted with the dreaded disease. On the other side of Busuanga Island, is the island of Calauit, a game reserve and wildlife sanctuary of exotic African animals and endangered endemic animals of Palawan which was established by then Philippine strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos in response to an appeal of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature to help save African Wildlife when the late dictator attended the 3rd World Conference in Kenya.

As of March 26, 2009, commercialization is finally creeping up in this area. Plans are afoot to turn one of the islands in the group into, God forbid, another Phuket- a true tragedy if that happens, considering Phuket was considered by a survey of the National Geographic as in state of disrepair due to its over-commercialization and development. By 2012, they are going to turn the 55 hectare Diwaran Island and part of the Coron Reefs into the “single largest integrated island resort in all Asia.”

Why Go to Coron Island

Simple, if you like full tropical paradise experience above or underwater without breaking the bank, Coron is definitely for you – heaps of things to see and do in a little area. Perfect for single travellers of the adventurer type and city slickers wanting to get away from urban chaos, a must for divers, perfect for honeymooners and family vacations.

Why Not Go to Coron Island

If you are on the lookout for crazy-ass partying, Coron is definitely NOT for you. Generally, the area is a quiet getaway from the maddening city crowd. Don’t expect noisy jet skis, nightclubs and enormous shopping malls like what you see in other parts of the country.

Best Time To Go Visit Coron Island

Most travel guides would say that the best time to go is late March until June because it is generally summertime in the Philippines. BUT, you would have to contend with a bigger crowd descending into the islands then, and obviously rates will go up. If you are feeling a little bit anti-social- head to Coron during the months of September-December – not only you will be getting lower rates because it is towards the end of the low season, your chances of getting a quieter and more relaxed vacation is higher. Just make sure that you check the weather if you are going to Coron on those months as you run the risk of smacking into the middle of typhoon season.

Where & What to Eat at Coron

It is highly advisable that when travelling to Coron, stick to your hotel food (which usually comes with the booking anyway.) It is reliable (and who you know who to sue when you get a bum tummy in the end.) If you are not staying at Coron Town, it is not easy to go walk a path and find a restaurant in your island, chances are you have to get a boat to go into town if you really have the urge to sample local chow. Coron Bay is a rich fishing ground (no commercial fishing here though), so fresh seafood abound in the local market. Otherwise, food served in hotels are nonetheless fresh and in enormous quantities (to an Asian that is). It goes without saying – seafood, seafood, and more seafood.

Other recommended eating places is at Sea Dive Resort which gets mixed reviews from other travellers, or you may try Bistro Coron run by a retired French anthropologist that offers standard European meals. Both of these eating places are located in Coron Town.

Coron Nightlife


Aside from Bistro Coron where diving elite hobnob with each other over platters of schnitzels and steaks, Coron is not exactly famed for its nightlife.

Where to Stay at Coron

Philippines Hotels and Resorts

Save up to 75% on hotels in Philippines

I would specifically recommend Divelink Resort on Uson Island – It has decent enough rooms – with A/C, (I don’t remember hot water though), NO TV (but hey, you are in paradise, why do you need TV?). Meals are big, and excellent (standard Filipino, International fare) – and that is usually included in the tour package. There is 24 hour Internet access, a big enough pool, free use of kayaks, and fishing gear so you can go fish right in front of the resort and have your catch cooked for your dinner. The main drawback is that the beach in front of the resort is not a swimming beach, but it does have a magnificent view of the fiery Palawan sunsets (see photo below). You can go up the hill at the back of the mountain and you can see the sunrise if you prefer that. The staff are friendly, but beware of the Karaoke machine, especially when the other guests are using it- you’ll hear it until 12 midnight. After all this is still the Philippines, people cannot live without their Karaoke machines or as the locals say- Videoke. If you need a massage, better organize it the previous day, at the time of this writing, there is only one resident masseuse (which I reckon was also the cook or was she the receptionist?) We got 3 Days/2 Nights package for this hotel which included a day tour, full board meals, Airport-Resort and back transfers, a small cottage across from where the current Philippine President Gloria Arroyo stayed at about PhP7,000 per person. Not bad at all, considering one lady got charged PhP16,000 for the same stuff basically and she stayed in another hotel of similar standard. Resort is perfect for: Honeymooners, Families, and Group Trips.

The Penthouse, Atherton Place
Tomas Morato Ave cor. Roces Ave, Quezon City
Tel: +632 387-2019; 376-2048
Telefax: +632 371-9928, 412-0644
Mobile: +639189072577
** Remember to say sent you!

If you ready to splurge, Club Paradise on Dimakya Island on the north side of the Calamianes charges from 210-300 USD per person per night (Full Board Rates). Excellent beach, however, a bit far away from the wrecks, the lakes, and the lagoons. Resort is perfect for: well-heeled honeymooners, families and group trips.
Discovery Island Resort (located in Decanatuan island- 10 minutes by boat from Coron Town) (rates at 35USD per room per night) and Sea Dive Resort (Coron Town) (PhP700-PhP1100 per room per night) ranges from upper budget to midrange – provides basic but comfortable lodging especially for hardcore divers who doesn’t mind to rough it out a little bit. After all, the action is mostly underwater. Bring a set of earplugs; the curse of Karaoke is omnipresent at Sea Dive.

Why Visit Coron Island

There are heaps of hotels, lodges on the mainland of Busuanga, however, it is a hit or miss. Hotels/resorts in Palawan tend to swing to extremes – cheap but crappy, super-expensive but luxurious: finding a middle ground is difficult that’s why like the rest of the Philippines – Palawan is not friendly to people travelling on a backpackers’ budget- which works both ways to the tourists’ and the Philippines’ advantage – the beaches are not overrun by throngs of people as they are in most Asian destinations and the people that do come are the ones that could actually afford to travel ergo contribute much needed dollars to the struggling Philippine economy.

My to-do list at Coron

1. Hire a boat and get dropped off at a secluded beach. (Note to self- bring mobile phone with local SIM card to call the boatman for pickup + chips and beer if you get the munchies. Bring tanning lotion with enough UV protection and a tub of insect repellent as mozzies are definitely humongous in most of these beaches).*
2. Snorkel at the Siete Pecados Marine Sanctuary (Bring food for lunch at the floating station.)
3. Head out to kayak the Twin Lagoons.**
4. Snorkel/Dive amongst some of the shipwrecks. *
5. Chill out at Kayangan Lake.**
6. Dip in the bigger version of your hot tub at Maquinit Hot Springs. **
7. Fish by the jetty. (Fish around the area seemed to be finicky though.)
8. Island Hop! You are in the middle of a little archipelago, (just for fun, count how many islands you have been to)
9. Snap a photo of Coron’s homage to Hollywood – The concrete letters C-O-R-O-N are prominently displayed on top of the hill overlooking the bay.
10. Catholic and Religious? Drop by the life-size versions of Stations of the Cross detailing the suffering of Christ that wind up a hill in Coron Town.
11. Relax and watch the sunset with your mai-tais and just enjoy the peace and quiet before Karaoke night starts.*

*- Highly Recommended
**- Recommended by Locals

Stay Away From

1. Mosquitoes! Some of them are just plain huge, and Palawan is not exactly Malaria-free. Take anti-Malaria tablets with you as well heaps of insect repellent, even if you just plan to head out to some secluded beach.
2. Stray animals: dogs and monkeys – rabies is prevalent all over the Philippines, and the closest best hospital is back in Manila.
Touts and vendors that continually harasses tourists are conspicuously absent in Coron unlike in most of the other places. Coron Town has the trappings of a sleepy fishing village, thus, prostitution, if there is any, is not immediately visible.

How to get to Coron

Philippine Airlines’ budget version PAL Express flies to Coron from Manila via Busuanga Airport – newish planes, efficient staff. Cebu Pacific is another hit or miss – airport delays have been pretty common in the past year, but they do offer some of the best rates in the industry. Refunding your ticket with Cebu Pacific will take months if ever you will actually get refunded in the end. Both airlines fly via the new Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Zest Airways (formerly Asian Spirit) and Southeast Asian Airlines (better known as SEAIR) also fly to Busuanga. Please check their respective websites for more details like flight frequency, schedules, and fares.

All flights go to the Busuanga Airport at the north side of the main island of Busuanga, from there, one can hire van or a jeepney to go down to Coron Town on the south side of the island. Ride lasts for approximately 1 hour. Going back, jeepneys or vans are available in front of the offices of airline companies (make sure to confirm this with your hotel or at the airline office just to be extra sure.)

Another way of getting to Coron is via the first and only Philippine cruise ship – 7107 Island Cruise Ship. A cruise itinerary usually takes you to the beaches of Batangas, Puerto Galera, Boracay and Coron.
For those on a tight budget, Superferry and Negros Navigation sail to Coron albeit sometimes it could be seasonal. Other shipping lines that operate are San Nicolas Shipping and Atienza Shipping Lines.

Tricycles (basically a motorbike with a sidecar attached on its side) are the primary means of transport around Coron Town. Boats can be rented for a day or half a day and it should not cost more than PhP2,500 (full day with boatman) as of this writing.

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42 Responses to “Coron Island and The Calamianes Islands”

  1. flyboylipad says:

    PAL Express Q400 planes are not new. They were bought 2nd hand from SAS.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Flyboy,

    Thanks for reading our article. I checked the PAL Express website, and from what I understood they were new planes.

    from what I understand from the PAL express website, they were new planes, and I flew on them myself.


    PAL Express will operate an initial fleet of nine turbo-propeller aircraft – three Bombardier Q300s and six Bombardier Q400s – manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace of Canada. Eight of the nine aircraft are already in service with the last scheduled for delivery in a few weeks.

    The Q300 and Q400 are part of Bombardier’s “Q Series” of turbo-props – the Q standing for “quiet” due to a patented noise suppression system that reduces cabin noise and vibration levels to less than those of jetliners.

    They are equipped with two Pratt & Whitney turbo-prop engines with maximum ranges of 1,819 kilometers for the Q300 and 2,826 kilometers for the Q400. ”


    “Initially, PAL Express will have a fleet of nine turbo-propeller aircraft—three Q300 and six Q400—all manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace of Canada. ”$150m.for.sub.brand.html

    And although, I could have assumed wrongly, if those planes were indeed bought from SAS actually as you have said. However, I did say that their planes were “newish”. It felt new when I flew with them. I think I can say Cebu Pacific have “newish” planes too, since the planes that they are using now are actually over a year old now.

    But thank you for calling my attention, and if there are new changes with this article that has escaped my attention, I would be happy to correct it. After all we want to help our fellow travelers right?

    Cheers mate!

  3. Grace says:

    I was in Coron recently, and stayed at the Coron Village Lodge. I am pleasantly pleased with the services and the amenities provided. The lodge is only 10 minutes away from the port & a short 5 minutes walk to the base of Mt Tapyas, which makes it really accessible.

    If you are looking for something simple, clean and good nature services, do give Coron Village Lodge a try. It definitely got my two thumbs up after my vacation.

    • Cotton says:

      hello grace,

      I’ve also been to coron recently and we also stayed at the Coron Village Lodge. I love the resto, the native trinkets and the shell chandeliers. They got the best foods, nicest staff! and the packages are also reasonably priced!

      • Jennie says:

        We were in Busuanga from Dec. 21-24 and we also stayed at the Coron Village Lodge. I agree with Grace and Cotton. CVL is highly recommendable for its reasonable rates, good food, ambience and friendly staff.

  4. Ryan says:

    Thank you Grace for that tip. I was wondering though if the place is too busy with other tourists. :)

  5. leylander says:

    nice site. i hope you get to feature Cebu in the future. :D

    • Ryan says:

      We will feature Cebu very soon! Don’t forget to bookmark our site for our latest features! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Serge Senna says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts.
    You have a great Blog!!! I just added you to my Google News Reader.
    Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Cool stuff, I’ll let you know how that is for the single traveler of the adventurous get away from the city like type :)


    • Ryan says:

      Thanks Fran, I’d like to hear about that. Hehe, I haven’t been exactly traveling as single for some time. :)

  8. shie says:

    hi ryan, dropped by to check out your coron travel guide, i’ll be here by June and we havent finalized our tour package yet… any thoughts about Mt. Tapyas Hotel?

    • Ryan says:

      Hi shie,

      I haven’t heard anything from Mt. Tapyas Hotel among fellow travelers, but a quick check on that hotel seems like it is a nice one. Coron people are usually very friendly- and that’s what I got from the service that I experienced there. If you ended up staying there, let me know so I could add your comments on the Coron Travel Guide. :)



    • pktan says:

      To contact Mt Tapyas Hotel – 00639175005566 (front desk number)

      Just read some recent reviews on it, sure sounds like a great place – and everyone seems to give it a positive remark, so I guess you won’t go wrong with this.

      Here’s a view from the rooms at Mt Tapyas Hotel, all i can say is … GREAT VIEW!

      Do let us know what you think about it after your vacation!

    • Ryan says:

      You may also check this out –

      It has apparently good and cheap accommodations.



  9. shie says:

    thanks ryan and pktan :) …. where actually considering the package offered by corongaleri and accdg to them they normally book their guests at Darayonan, Village Lodge, Mt Tapyas Hotel, Jendis Seafront, Princess of Coron depending on the availability. We’re inclined to choose Mt Tapyas based on some reviews I read… anyway will give u an update when we choose to stay there …. thanks a lot :)

    More Power!

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks Shie, we will await for your review of the place – you may contact PK or me at for updates on the Coron hotel you will be staying or anything that my article might have missed. Cheers and I hope you will have a fab time in Coron!

  10. cyril barco says:

    i love coron because it so nice,peaceful,beutiful places..And the people thier are very nice and kind..

  11. cyril barco says:

    hello my baby!i miz u very much…takecare always ha!dn’t worry babalik din aq jan sa CORON soon…see yah!

  12. Cotton says:

    hey ryan,

    big waves for your blog! our travel to coron was filled with unfortunate events but all in all, it was one of the best trips i had.

    we were not able to dive on ship wrecks or visit the Calauit game reserve but looking at the bright side, these are the reasons i have on planning another trip back to Coron!

    • Ryan says:

      Hey Cotton,

      Thank you very much for dropping by our pages!! Care to share these “unfortunate events”? Please do, so that other travelers would be forewarned as well. :) It would be a tad helpful.. :) Tons of reasons to go back to Coron, easily one of our most favorite destinations…hopefully we will come back sometime soon, but we have to do other places in the Philippines as well. :) :):)


  13. Dana says:

    Hey thanks for all your posts!
    My dad, who is 56, and sister, 22 are visiting me in the philippines and we are planning to go to palawan, but flying to puerto princessa. Do you know anything about travel between Puerto Princessa, sabang and El Nido? Do you think it will be too bumpy of a ride for an old dad? He appreciates the outdoors and is quite fit, but nonetheless is Canadian and is not familiar with 3rd world countries that can sometimes have less comfortable transportation.
    Thanks for your advice!!!

    • Scott says:

      Hi Dana,

      As far as I know the road from Puerto Princessa to Sabang is not wonderful but it is ok. Vans, buses and jeepneys ply the route so it must be reasonably decent. I can only tell you what I’ve heard as we’re not going there until Christmas. From Sabang you have to go back to Puerto Pincessa to get a bus to El Nido. And then it’s about 7-8 hours from there. I heard you can wave down a bus on the main highway but they are few and far between. I spent 3 days in El Nido last year and it wasn’t long enough, so the problem with doing the trip from Puerto Princessa to El Nido is you have to allow 2 days for travel there and back, and thus you will have less time to relax and enjoy the scenery. For bus times I recommend contacting the tourism board or hotels in El Nido.

      Hope you guys have a good trip.

  14. john says:

    Thanks for this blog! How about revisiting the forgotten and neglected tourism icons such as the hundred islands, baguio, the cagayan valley, the pagsanjan falls, tagaytay City, Puerto Galera and a lot more… sadly boracay is starting to loose its appeal. What is the next spot to exploit and not maintain properly? God! those places mentioned have lost significantly their beauty as compared to their glory days. Can we do something to restore how they used to be look like? Thanks!

    • Ryan says:

      Hi John,

      Actually those spots you have mentioned are actually featured on this site – Pagsanjan Falls (Laguna article); Tagaytay City (Cavite article); Puerto Galera (Oriental Mindoro article); and separate articles on Baguio City and the Hundred Islands ( + a more comprehensive coverage of Pangasinan). Cagayan Valley would be featured sometime soon this year. Please check our Destinations Page for more of these articles. :)



  15. JR says:

    I’ve been to Coron last year 2009 and I was fabulously impressed!!! We stayed at coron village lodge too…and can’t wait to go there this may…yipeee!!! What a paradise!!!!

    • Ryan says:

      Hi JR,

      Coron is a wonderful, wonderful place. You should check out El Nido and Puerto Princesa as well. :) Don’t forget to share some of your tips and stories here.



  16. Nette says:

    Coron is just plain wonderful for words.

    there’s the nice little resto-bar called Kawayanan Grill that has the amazing Crab / Lobster in Chili Sauce. The drinks aren’t expensive either. They’ve got a nice place themed with native materials thus the name Kawayanan. the place is a good for city people and foreigners alike.

    you can even buy stuff from the market and ask the resto to cook them for you (dampa style). all in all, i like to relax and chill out in this resto once again when i go back to Coron.

    More power to you, Ryan. Kudos to Tourism Philippines! My relatives abroad continue to read your articles are they plan to come home late this year.

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks Nette! I hope your relatives will fall in love again with the Philippines. And when they come back, don’t forget to book them a guided walking tour of Intramuros by Carlos Celdran – it is an absolute must for any Filipino or foreigner in order to understand one of the least understood cities in the world.

      Glad that you had a great trip to Coron and I am happy that my article was a big help. Thanks for sharing your insights and tips. :)



  17. Trinette says:

    Hi! good day everyone..these tips are big help! im planning to visit Coron this May.. just wondering if you can help me with this – other than planes, does El Nido have other means of transportation to Coron? ive read in one of my searches that there are boats from El Nido traveling to Coron but only the adventurous tries this. i just wanna make sure.. tnx everyone and God bless!

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Trinette,

      There are boats (mostly cargo) that travel from El Nido to Coron. One of my Finnish friends tried this and it was indeed not for the faint hearted as the waves can be really rough. Travel time is also long. So unless you wanna really rough it out ala Nat Geo style, traveling between the two by boats would certainly be a little too much.



      ps. Check the skeds of planes, AFAIK, there are no flights between El Nido and Coron (Correct me if I am wrong). There is a flight that I know of between Coron and Puerto Princesa however. I think what you can do this flight path – Manila-El Nido drive to Puerto Princesa-Coron-Manila route.

      • Trinette says:

        haha.. faint hearted you bet!.. i dont like the sound of the boat engine.. only seair does fly to el nido to coron with really not so friendly rates.. haha..
        weehhh.. coron here we come..
        tnx for the info! cheers!! god bless!!

  18. rohan says:

    I was in Coron last April 7-10, it was nice different experience. Island hopping was difinitely a memorable one. Been to Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Banol Beach, Siete Picados, Maquinit Hot Spring. I will difinitely be back..

    Coron… I shall return

  19. Reggie says:

    Has anyone stayed in Coron Hilltop view resort at all? Only found one review so far. We will be in coron this january and planning to stay there or CVL. Please let me know. thanks.

  20. Debbie says:

    hi, my boyfriend and I are planning to have an out of town adventure like kayak,, white beach, snorkeling and diving next month. My choices are Coron or Boracay. Since Boracay island is overdeveloped(just like a beach beside the city), Coron is the majority choice.. But there are two things that is making me worry big time. That I’ve heard and read from the other reviews saying Coron is not safe and secure unlike Boracay..
    How true is that? And what can you say to prove it wrong?


    • Ryan says:

      I don’t get why Coron would be unsafe. I have traveled there and even the aged mother of our Australian writer traveled there ALONE and she was fine. By experience, Coron is safe destination. Remember that every time you travel, you risk something, so wherever you are, a good dose of common sense is always handy. :)

    • JR says:

      I totally beg to disagree with that Debbie. Coron is one of the paradise you’ll ever visit. You might be talking about the farthest side part of Palawan where there are NPA’s. You can even check the crime rate in Coron. I never heard of anything creepy about Coron. Please don’t let gossips take away your chance of a lifetime experiencing the beauty of that place.

  21. gy says:

    ive been to coron this early june and wow this is the so called paradise…..and i kow that coron will make it to the top destination…..

  22. aaron says:

    hi guys

    today just touched down coron. such an amazing view from the plane!
    just a quicky, i’m not sure if any of you guys ever heard about an island called club paradise, but my friend really suggested me to spend a day a must-do thing.
    but i’m not sure whether there’s really a day-trip kinda thing to club paradise.
    so should you have any info about this that would be wicked!

    ps. i don’t have any bookings nor planning to stay at the hotel resort. just to chill in and have lunch at their restaurant

    thanks heaps

    • Ryan says:


      It depends where you are based in Coron, if you are based near Coron town- Club Paradise is on the other side of Busuanga Island. If you are going to Club Paradise to spend a day- then you’d probably spend most of your day traveling to get there.

      There are tons of secluded beaches near Coron town – you can ask your boatman to take you to a deserted beach where you can just relax.



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