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Chocolate Hills Natural Monument

Posted by on Apr 30th, 2009
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A visit to the Chocolate Hills Natural Monument in Bohol, Philippines is like a visit to a land where Hershey Chocolate Kisses are created for giants, except for the fact that at this natural mossy wonder of the world you will need to bring your own chocolate if you are looking for a tangible treat. However, for those looking for an experience of a lifetime the natural beauty of Chocolate Hills will not disappoint with its approximate 1500 mounds that are covered in grassy limestone.

Quick Facts

• Over 1,270 similarly cone-shaped hills creating a sea of hills over 20 square miles (50 sq km)
• Located in Bohol, Philippines
• Heights typically range from 98 to 160 feet (30 to 50 m) with the highest reaching 390 feet (120 m)

Philippines Hershey Bohol Chocolate Hills

Hershey Chocolate Kisses

National Geological Monument

The Chocolate Hills was declared Philippines’s 3rd National Geological Monument (together with Taal Volcano, and Hundred Islands National Park) and recently included in the nomination for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, and also proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

Photo by wisdoc

The name Chocolate Hills actually was spawned by the famous Hershey treat given the fact that during the dry season the grass on the cone mounds browns and resembles rows of chocolate ripe for the picking. This coincidentally is also one of the best times of the year to visit the Chocolate Hills if you want to stay dry during your visit since there is a constant influx of precipitation during the rainy season.

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

Photo by maxchu

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

Photo by coolnumber9

In fact, while some people question man’s ancient influence scientists dismiss the option as the integrity of the mounds would surpass the Egyptian pyramids by far. The exact formation of the Chocolate Hills is unknown although the most commonly accepted theory in the area is that erosion and coral reef uplift from a major geological plate shift could have caused the mounds to simply erupt from the ground.

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
Photo by maxchu

Other explanations include volcanic action under the land or that the limestone mountains are the result of a massive volcano centuries ago. Of course, as with any monumental structure that is thought to be naturally caused there is folklore that surrounds the Chocolate Hills area as well that many natives will happily be willing to share with you during your stay.

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

Photo by putografer

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

Photo by randyg

UNESCO Tentative List

Justification for Outstanding Universal Value

It has been declared the country’s 3rd National Geological Monument on June 18, 1988.

The hills are in the Philippine Tourism Authority’s list of tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

Photo by lizza22

Philippines Bohol Chocolate Hills

Photo by storm crypt

Getting There

Chocolate Hills is located at Bohol – How to get to Bohol

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15 Responses to “Chocolate Hills Natural Monument”

  1. pktan says:

    Definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. Best view is almost definitely from Sagbayan Peak – but it has been a little bit over commercialized these days. Still worth a go!

  2. Raymond HM Abero says:

    it,s undescribable, how old it is,is it younger than the chariot of the gods. I think its History at its best. Raymond HM Abero Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii. 96782

  3. Flugo says:

    This looks like something created by aliens. May be that is why the pole there “May Peave Prevail On Earth” is for!

  4. boomzgirl says:

    what a beautiful sight! will really wish to see it with my own eyes!

  5. pEDo says:

    I’ve been here once already, but I’m still dying to go back in Bohol and see the chocolate hills. Somehow I believed that the formation was due to coral reef uplift, because if you will dig some small mountain areas in Bohol, underneath the soil are a lot of corals where you will ask yourself how could the corals get there.


    • Ryan says:

      Hi pEDo,

      There are a lot of theories on how these hills came to be. Your guess is as good as any I suppose. Although if I am not mistaken, they are not unique, we have heard of similar looking formations around the country though in far smaller numbers. There is also an underwater version that we have heard near Siargao.



  6. Jerson says:

    Why bother explaining…its all about the scenic VIEW…on top of one of this chocolate hershey kisses like hill is all i need..

    • pktan says:

      cause maybe some people would like to know? but yap, the view up there is amazing : ))

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Jerson,

      Being a responsible tourist or traveler, it is necessary that one should know the history of the place to appreciate it better. :) But yeah, Bohol is certainly one of our favorite destinations…



  7. Carmen Flores says:

    Ang ganda ganda ng Chocolate Hills! Sana makapunta ako doon! I heard it is

  8. Jenny says:

    one of the most beautiful places i’ve been to. Bohol is so safe and the people are accommodating. will go back there, someday…. :)

  9. bundangbear says:

    The Chocolate Hills are really impressive, and worth a visit of you’re anywhere in the Visayas. All of Bohol is really nice, and less hectic than some other spots, so enjoy Bohol! I once rode in a jeepney with a cow. The owner gave me a sort of boiled peanuts. All for 5 pesos!

  10. Mrunal says:

    Chocolate hills are reyally osam, Its great pleasure to see that photos. I wish in my life time i wanted to see this. It’s reyally beautifull. Its heven of the earth

  11. yah its nice to go there in bohol .chocholate hills is a nice place & a spot to visit isonly in bohol

  12. Nueva says:

    Indeed, there is nothing as impressive and as magnificent sight to behold than the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The first time I saw the place, it enthralled me much. I can’t help but felt ecstatic of the beautiful sceneries that I wished I could visit frequently the place. It’s a nice place to visit again and again.

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