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SBS Radio Australia Interview with Scott Allford

Posted by on Jan 19th, 2012
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Why it is more FUN in the Philippines? Our Aussie columnist Scott Allford tells SBS Radio Australia.

Philippines 101 – Origin of Myth

Posted by on Apr 19th, 2010
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While writing about the media’s negative portrayal of the Philippines in my article ‘Viewing the Philippines in a Different Light’, I was “baffled as to why [The Philippines] has been branded in such a negative way by the International media.” Since then I have come to realize that a lot of negativity towards this beautiful country comes out of misinformation, uninformed opinions/ideas and perhaps a little prejudice. After months of reading blogs and articles it became clear that these common themes were the root of most ‘anti-Pinoy’ commentary online. So it’s time to look at the facts and examine some of the negative myths that surround this country.

Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Festival

Posted by on Mar 29th, 2010
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Known around the world as one of the most unique instruments, the world’s one and only Bamboo Organ sits just 10 kilometers to the south of the centre of Manila.

Ati-atihan Experience

Posted by on Mar 10th, 2010
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Considered by some as Asia’s answer to Rio’s Mardi Gras, the yearly Ati-atihan festival is a party like no other. With a long history of 798 years of celebration this festival has also become an interesting hybrid of cultural influences. But nowadays the Ati-atihan in Kalibo has evolved into a celebration with religious undertones where anything goes as long as it’s in the name of fun.

Walkabout Quiapo

Posted by on Jan 12th, 2010
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Swathed in history and known by most as the old downtown of Manila, these days, Quiapo in many ways confronts the traveller as a living, breathing paradox. Here you can find the old right next to the new, quiet meditation amidst chaotic masses and the most holy Catholic icon in the country surrounded by occult stalls. All of these things combined make Quiapo quite an adventure and so much more than just another urban centre.

Christmas in the Philippines

Posted by on Dec 23rd, 2009
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Being one of the two Catholic countries in Asia, the Philippines celebrates Christmas like no other country in the region. Christmas actually starts here in September and lasts until the Feast of Epiphany which is in January. With this extraordinarily long Christmas season there are numerous events around the country which the Christmas loving traveller can witness.

Getting Around Philippines

Posted by on Dec 9th, 2009
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The experience of travel around the Philippines can come in a variety of forms. It can be mundane and as easy as can be; it can be an adventure and quite frightening at times; or it can be completely confusing and stressful. There are so many ways to get around this country and here is a guide to the different forms of transportation you may come across.

Philippine Street Food – Part 2

Posted by on Nov 21st, 2009
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The choices to be had when it comes to street food in the Philippines are seemingly endless. While there may be a large selection for the more carnivorous diner, vegetarians have quite a few choices as well. So here is a list of my top 5 non-meaty street delicacies.

Manny Pacquiao – A Modern Day Philippine Hero

Posted by on Nov 16th, 2009
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When it comes to the Philippines and sports there are the four B’s: Bowling, Badminton, Basketball, and thanks largely to Manny Pacquiao – Boxing. Although I am not an avid supporter of the sport, experiencing a Pacman fight in the Philippines is a must for anyone, as it is not just the match but also the emotion of the crowd that becomes quite a spectacle.

Philippine Street Food – Part 1

Posted by on Nov 5th, 2009
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One unifying aspect of Filipino culture is that Filipinos love their food. Filipinos love to eat when they’re happy, sad, angry, bored and even on the rare occasions that they’re hungry.