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Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2009
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Right at the doorsteps of Manila and perched at the southern end of the Sierra Madre, Rizal holds many secret natural and cultural treasures- from its beautiful waterfalls and stunning rock formations, Spanish colonial churches to thousands of years old artworks and a passionate dedication to arts- truly a surprise treat for travelers who often overlook this wonder of a province.

Festival: Angono Higantes

Posted by on May 21st, 2009
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The artistic town of Angono celebrates the feast of Pope St. Clement I every November 22 to 23 of each year. There are times that this coincides with the feast of Christ the King. The celebration starts with the novena mass on the 14th till 22nd day of November, the devotees in prayer and thanksgiving, dance in the church patio after the novena mass. The dancing was accompanied by the Angono band with the the church bell ringing after playing the music.