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It’s more fun in the Philippines

Posted by on Jan 5th, 2012
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Wherever you go in the Philippines, it is the Filipinos that will make your holiday unforgettable! If you want to experience a variety in tourism, then the best place that you should visit is Philippines where you can have a taste of the Western as well as Eastern culture since it has been dominated by […]

Ask us a question

Posted by on May 16th, 2009
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Please check the Frequently Asked Questions section before posting here. Post your questions in the comments section. Do remember to subscribe to the comments, so that once it is answered, you’ll be notify via email. All answered questions will be moved to a new thread after 1 week after bring answered. You can find them […]


Posted by on Apr 4th, 2009
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The Republic of the Philippines is the second-largest archipelago in the world, with over 7000 tropical islands (most of the population live on just 11 islands), located east of Vietnam and north of Sabah Malaysia. The Philippines is filled with natural wonders – warm tropical waters, string of coral gardens and beautiful marine life makes […]

Diving in Philippines

Posted by on Apr 1st, 2009
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The Philippines with one of the most productive marine ecosystem, is one of the leading dive destinations of the world. With over 7000 islands, you will be spoilt of choices for dive destinations.

Philippines Wedding Requirements

Posted by on Mar 31st, 2009
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There are several requirements for a legal marriage ceremony in The Philippines.

Philippines Visa Requirements

Posted by on Feb 2nd, 2009
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Documents required for making a Philippines Tourist Visa 1. Duly-accomplished visa application (F.A. Form 2). Application forms that are incompletely filled-out will be returned to the applicant. 2. Valid passport (the original passport itself must be submitted) whose validity must extend at least six (6) months beyond the length of proposed stay in the Philippines. […]

Getting Around in Philippines

Posted by on Sep 13th, 2008
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Here are tips on how to travel in Philippines by plane, bus, car, train, ship & ferry. For information on how to get to Philippines from other countries, see Getting to Philippines. It is easy to travel around Philippines, but it’s a big country (maps) made up of over 7,100 islands and islets. Transport may […]

Philippines in Frames

Posted by on Sep 12th, 2008
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A giant stained glass window in the main altar of the Christ the King Seminary’s Shrine of the Divine Word along E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City. The town of Libog was founded in 1749. There is an account of Andres Bonifacio staying in the town and having a child with a local woman. His […]

Single female traveller in Philippines

Posted by on Sep 6th, 2008
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One great thing about Filipinos is that they are very courteous with the female locals as well as travellers. Chivalry is not dead among the male locals of the Philippines. You can simply wear shorts or sleeveless shirts which is common for a tropical country. However, you must watch out for your belongings at all […]

Is it safe to travel to Philippines

Posted by on Sep 6th, 2008
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Although you would hear negative news about the country, it is still safe to go to Philippines even if you would have your flight now. The region where the war is going on is very far from the tourist destinations in the country. Mindanao is just one of the islands in the archipelago and you […]