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Best Time To Visit Bohol

Posted by on Apr 4th, 2009
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Philippine Tasier
Philippine Tasier

July until October is actually the best time to go. Low season means less people on the beach, and since Bohol doesn’t experience as high a number of typhoons, compared with the more northern provinces of Visayas, coming in those months guarantees you a better, and therefore. a more relaxed vacation. Skip Easter Weekend if you don’t want to compete with the hordes of Filipinos and expats descending onto Bohol from all points of the Philippines as the island is getting more and more attention as a tourist destination, so much that plans are underway for an international airport very soon.

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3 Responses to “Best Time To Visit Bohol”

  1. Steven says:

    Hi Ryan,

    We intent to visit Bohol from 12-17 December.
    What is the weather like in December over there?
    We going to view Chocolate Hills.
    I understand that March to May is the best time to visit Bohol but we can’t go this period.
    I also like to visit Panglao island. Is December the best time for snorkeling?
    Please advice.


    • Robert says:

      Hi Steven,

      I used to live and work in Cebu for 2 years and almost every other month I went to Bohol just to relax and unwind. Cebu and Bohol are neighbouring islands. They are less than 2 hours away through fast ferry ride.
      Bohol’s weather during December is generally dry.
      December would be another best time to visit here because the number of tourists especially locals is lesser since most people are preparing or saving for Christmas season (as Christmas is a very very very big thing for Filipinos).


  2. steph says:

    i hope it will stop to get so popular in bohol, they going to ruin it with all those tourists! and polution and crime will get there and it be like manila :/

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