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Baggage and Taxi Tipping in Philippines

Posted by on Apr 16th, 2010
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stuart whitley: hi ryan i leave for the philippines and i have a question about tipping, if someone helps with carrying baggage or if i get a taxi how much would they expect, i would a taxi travel from manila airport to imus cavite,or it here a better way to get there that you can reccomend


Editor addon

Ryan: There are no standard rules of tipping in the Philippines. A lot expects a tip however and so it is wise to carry 20 peso bills in your pocket. I guess for the airport, I reckon 20-50 peso tip should be more than enough (it sounds stingy I know) but it also depends on how big the luggage the person is carrying for you and how far the person is carrying it for you. For the airport, I have yet to encounter someone to take my luggage (other than the driver of my rented car), so it never occurred to me to tip anyone aside from the tip I give to the driver afterwards.
In some cases, there are standard rates for porter services (at seaports it used to be 20 pesos piece per luggage). For a long drive to Imus, 100 pesos tip should be fine I think. Will you be taking the standard airport taxi (yellow cab)? Or are you hiring a car rental company like Avis. Be prepared to shell out for the toll fees as well,

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One Response to “Baggage and Taxi Tipping in Philippines”

  1. Patrick says:

    I usually tip about 20-50 peso for honest taxi ride however is getting harder and harder to find honest taxi driver in Manila. Either they take a long long way around to get where u want to go or they want extra for traffic even if the road is empty. Another newer scam that i encountered, the airport taxi said they were part of PAL (Philippine Airlines) and produced an plastic covered typed sheet with prices to parts of Manila. I live in Taguig and know the correct price is 160 peso with tip they expect 600 plus tip. Last trip
    I paid the taxi 160 and told them to call the police if not happy with the amount and he left in a hurry. Be careful and use your head dont let the drivers talk you into side trips or hotel they will tell you are cheaper. Insist on using the METER always and get receipt since all the new meters have printers in them. I love living in the Philippines but get tired of the scams. Taxis in the provience can be double what they are in Manila or Cebu but most do not hav meters yet.
    Take care

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