Scott M. Allford

scottis a teacher (with a degree in History, Anthropology and Education from University of Adelaide) and an inveterate traveller and is currently enjoying his travels within the 7,107 islands that is the Philippines with another Tourism Paradise Philippines writer’ Ryan A. Buaron trying to up their count of the number of islands visited in the country. He has lived and worked in Australia and South Korea and has travelled extensively throughout Asia- Mongolia, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan – fell in love with the Philippines and decided to allocate at least two years to comprehensively cover the country.

Scott Allford

At Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Along with Ryan, Scott has at least 25 destinations to cover in the Philippines – places that are mostly overlooked by mainstream travel guides and even by Filipino travellers themselves. He loves the expanses of white sandy Philippine beaches, the colourful history and cuisine of each province he visits and the beautiful, culturally-diverse Philippine archipelago.

Scott Allford

At Panglao Beach, Bohol

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