Jerome Herrera

(Inactive Writer)

jeromeBorn and raised in Zamboanga city, I am a pure Zamboangueño. Until recently, I have never been to any other city except my hometown. I studied high school at the Regional Science High School and college at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. About two years ago, I dropped out of university and went to Manila in search of myself.

Alone in Manila, I have discovered a lot about the world in which I’m moving in, much more than what I have learned during the twenty years that I was living in Zamboanga city. I learned how to do my own laundry, how to eat foods that I wouldn’t normally eat, how to get around a foreign place by myself, and how to do house chores. I was also able to realize the value of money, patience, hard work, and humility.

Philippines Writer Jerome Hererra

Contemplating on the waters of Zamboanga city

I had never been fascinated by the fact that I speak a Spanish Creole (the only Spanish Creole in Asia), until recently. This sudden interest in Chabacano led me to appreciate the fact that I am Zamboangueño and that in my tongue is a very tangible remnant of the Philippines’ colonial past.

For years now, I have been trying to learn the Spanish language. My interest in this language stems from my knowledge of Chabacano. After years of trying to learn the language though, I have yet to become fluent.

As you may have noted, I am a person with varied interests. Aside from writing, I love cooking, gardening, traveling, photography, reading, and philately. I also have great interest in business; I love selling items online, and offline.

Today, I am a free spirited person ready to take on whatever challenges life throws at me. I know not what the future brings but with God on my side, I know that the best has yet to come.