Dave Ryan A. Buaron

Ryanis a freelance travel writer based in the Philippines. He used to work for several multinational and Philippine corporations in the banking and financial services industry but the call of travel proves to be too strong- travelling virtually at least every month within the Philippines and in other Asian destinations.

Sailing, climbing volcanoes, surfing, trying out new cuisines, snorkelling, kite flying, kayaking, hot air ballooning and getting massages by a spectacular white sand beach are just some of his several travel writing pursuits.


For him, travelling is just not about getting drunk every night during a trip but actually soaking up the local culture, appreciating the beautiful sceneries and doing something new each day. He believes in travelling comfortably without sacrificing one’s budget- a skill that a lot of travellers especially needs. He supports socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable tourism as well as the promotion of the Philippines as an alternative Asian tourist destination.

Ryan currently lives with his two cats in the Philippine financial capital Makati.

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