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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Editor-in-Chief: PKTan

pktanis the Editor-in-chief, the part-time designer, basic-html coder & janitor @ A turn of events few years ago lead him to quit his old job, and embraced web 2.0 trusting his entrepreneurship instincts. Never a stranger to new places, PK Tan has traveled to more than 20 countries, and lived in London, Paris, New York, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Manila.

A lot of things have changed over the years, but what hasn’t changed is his fascination with this beautiful, complicated country. He loves advising travellers to Philippines and have developed this site to share all his knowledge of Philippines with everyone. Read more [+]

Dave Ryan Buaron

Ryanused to work for several multinational and Philippine corporations in the banking and financial services industry but the call of travel proves to be too strong – travelling virtually at least every month within the Philippines and in other Asian destinations. Sailing, climbing volcanoes, surfing, trying out new cuisines, snorkelling, kite flying, kayaking, hot air ballooning and getting massages by a spectacular white sand beach are just some of his several travel writing pursuits. For him, travelling is just not about getting drunk every night during a trip but actually soaking up the local culture, appreciating the beautiful sceneries and doing something new each day. Read more [+]

Scott M. Allford

scottis a teacher (with a degree in History, Anthropology and Education from University of Adelaide) and an inveterate traveller and is currently enjoying his travels within the 7,107 islands that is the Philippines with another Tourism Paradise Philippines writer’ Ryan A. Buaron trying to up their count of the number of islands visited in the country. He has lived and worked in Australia and South Korea and has travelled extensively throughout Asia- Mongolia, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan – fell in love with the Philippines and decided to allocate at least two years to comprehensively cover the country. Read more [+]

Grace Chemma (Inactive)

Gracegrew up in Baguio, and after spending 10 years in Europe to complete her studies with a BA in Political Science, she decided to return to Philippines where her roots are. She now lives in an apartment in Manila, and work as a consultant in a MNC. After spending a decade away from home, Grace is loving every minute she spend traveling around Philippines, meeting people and making new friends.

Grace’s travel mantra – “Live, breathe. It is never too late to feel alive.”

Roz Visarra (Inactive)

Rozhas always been fond of travelling. As a young girl, she would travel with her parents in the Visayas and Mindanao because their relatives are from all these areas. From age 13, she was already living away from her family because she was sent to school several hundred miles from home. This has sparked her penchant for exploration and love for travel.

Roz currently resides in Cebu, the Queen City of the South and looks forward to her next travel. Read more [+]

Epi Fabonan (Inactive)

epiis a history teacher with a wide array of background on local history and geography. He loves to travel and document his adventures throught photo-essays, slideshows and short films. He is also fond of photography, cinematography, writing various types of literature and collecting keychains and hats. As a young teacher, he is active in advocacies that enhances the youth’s role in nation-building, as well as in organizations that help preserve the country’s historical, cultural and environmental heritage.

Jerome Herrera (Inactive)

jeromewas born and has lived in Zamboanga city, Asia’s latin city for twenty years. Having lived in that part of the country for most of his life, he has extensive knowledge on that region. He is totally fascinated and passionate about his hometown and Chabacano. Over time, he hopes to see Zamboanga city regain its former glory as the tourist destination of the Philippines through its new branding as Asia’s Latin City. Read more [+]

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